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YearCategoryCheckoffProject TitleAmount
2022AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilAlternative Soybean Production Management Options in Acidic Soils$11,525.00
2022AgronomyIowa Soybean AssociationIowa Contributions to Amplifying Extension Impact: Agronomists Collaboratively Delivering Soybean Best Management Practices$11,628.00
2022AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilLime Impacts on Soybeans & Different Western North Dakota No0till Soils$26,780.00
2022AgronomyNorth Central Soybean Research ProgramMapping soybean protein and oil quality in farmer fields$189,312.00
2022AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilPotential for combatting iron deficiency chlorosis with the soybean microbiome$14,897.00
2022AgronomyKentucky Soybean Promotion BoardReevaluating UK Soil Fertility Recs for Soybean$36,000.00
2022AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilSoil Health & Agriculture research Extension (SHARE) Farm Research Projects in Mooreton, ND & Logan Center, ND$43,883.00
2022AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilSoybean & other broadleaf-row crop tolerance to preplant low-dose application of dicamba$6,770.00