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YearCategoryCheckoffProject TitleAmount
2021AgronomyKansas Soybean CommissionA Day Late and a Dollar Short - Early Soybean Planting$33,606.00
2021AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilAlternative Soybean Production Management Options in Acidic Soils$11,525.00
2021AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilAssessment of N Fixation and Soybean Yield Response to the Application of Distillers Co-Products$12,780.00
2021AgronomyKentucky Soybean Promotion BoardCan KY Soybean Yield be Increased with Foliar Fungicide and Insecticide Applications at R3?$50,137.00
2021AgronomyEastern Region Soybean BoardDeveloping soybean production practices that maximize yield & enhance environmental stewardship in northern climates$25,976.00
2021AgronomyMinnesota Soybean Research and Promotion CouncilDrainage and Tillage Research site : Enhancing Soybean Production with Residue Management and Cover Crops$50,000.00
2021AgronomyMaryland Soybean BoardEvaluating Earlier Planting Dates for Increased Soybean Yields$9,767.00
2021AgronomyDelaware Soybean BoardEvaluating Earlier Planting Dates for Increased Soybean Yields$5,550.00
2021AgronomyDelaware Soybean BoardExchangeable Cation Uptake by Irrigated and Rainfed Soybeans$4,901.00
2021AgronomyEastern Region Soybean BoardImpact of Cover Crops and Double Cropping on Soybean Yield and Profitability$20,375.00
2021AgronomyIowa Soybean AssociationIowa Contributions to Amplifying Extension Impact: Agronomists Collaboratively Delivering Soybean Best Management Practices $10,000.00
2021AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilLiming Impacts of Soybean Yield and Quality$8,800.00
2021AgronomyMinnesota Soybean Research and Promotion CouncilManaging IDC with Agronomics and Economics$59,777.00
2021AgronomySouth Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion CouncilNational Soybean Fertilization Studies: I. Feed Me: Foliar Fertilizer Value for Soybean; II. Sulfur Fertilization Response in Soybean$5,500.00
2021AgronomyMinnesota Soybean Research and Promotion CouncilNutrient Management for Profitable Soybean Production in Minnesota $71,000.00
2021AgronomyMinnesota Soybean Research and Promotion CouncilPhase II : Apply Classroom and Field Education Experiences to Enhance Student Participation and Success in CCA Certification$5,000.00
2021AgronomyTennessee Soybean Promotion BoardResearch and Extension Support for Management of Herbicide-Resistant Weeds$50,000.00
2021AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilSHARE Farm Research Projects in Mooreton and Logan Center ND$26,358.00
2021AgronomyMaryland Soybean BoardSoybean Fungicide Efficacy, Profitability, and Pest Resistance Over Time$13,098.00
2021AgronomyPennsylvania Soybean Promotion BoardSoybean Response to Nitrogen and Sulfer Rate and Timing of Fertilizer Application$11,854.00
2021AgronomyDelaware Soybean BoardSoybean Yield Response to Planting Populations in Delaware$4,650.00
2021AgronomyKentucky Soybean Promotion BoardTesting Soybean Response to Sulfur and Foliar Fertilizers (Year 2)$24,000.00
2021AgronomyKansas Soybean CommissionThe Technology, Including Traits and Inputs, Needed to Produce a Modern Soybean Crop$20,000.00
2021AgronomyNew York Corn & Soybean Growers AssociationUse of Soybean Yield Monitor Data to Set Farm, Field and Soil-Type Based Yield Goals and Evaluate Headland Yield Potentials $10,000.00