Our Vision:

To be the innovative leader for the sustainable future of Michigan soybean farmers.

Our Mission:

Manage checkoff resources to increase return on investment for Michigan soybean farmers while enhancing sustainable soybean production.

Michigan Soybean Committee logo

It takes many people working together for the MSC to operate at its optimum level. The MSC board of directors gives the committee leadership and direction outlined in the strategic plan. The MSC staff implements the programs and daily functions of the office.

The MSC works with many agricultural organizations, particularly those important to the soybean industry: the Michigan Soybean Association...

Top Things for Farmers to Know About Checkoff Dollars Invested in Research

Researchers are exploring planting dates, maturity groups, nutrient uptake and other factors that impact crop’s productivity suitable for Michigan’s unique environmental conditions.

Top Research Funding Areas

- Soybean Breeding and Genetic Improvement for Michigan Environments
- Developing Management Strategies to Improve Soybean Productivity and Profitability
- Improving Management for Weeds and Soybean Diseases

Top Areas of Research Critical to the Future of Michigan's Soybean Production

- Adapting weed control strategies to early planting dates
- Improving the knowledge of Sudden Death Syndrome and White Mold to reduce soybean yield loss
- Addressing resistance challenges in weed and nematode control

Recent Innovative Research Projects

- Development of a weed leaf disk assay to determine herbicide resistance (quick response, low cost, easy to use)
- White mold apothecia (mushroom) development is affected by herbicide use, soil moisture and previous crop residue