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Year Project Name Lead Principal Investigator Keywords Funded
2023 A New Strategy for Elevating Soybean Yield: Manipulating Nodulation and Nitrogen Fixation Efficiencies through Gene Editing (Year 3) Jianxin Ma, Purdue University
AgricultureGeneticsNitrogen fixation
2023 Activated Carbons from Soyhull for Energy Products James Sternberg, Clemson University
Industrial UsesProcessing technologyRenewable energySoy hulls
2023 All-Inclusive Checkoff Research Database, National Soybean Checkoff Research Database Cate Newberg, Cate & Co LLC
Data Management
2023 An evaluation of soybean meal inclusion rate in wean-finish pigs Eric Weaver, South Dakota State University
Intact proteinSwine
2023 An Innovative ‘Push-Pull-Protect’ Approach to Improving Protein Quality Timothy Durrett, Kansas State University
Amino acidsSoy protein
2023 Assessment of dietary essential amino acid needs in modern broilers Michael Kidd, University of Arkansas
Amino acidsBroiler chickens
2023 Biology and Management of Soybean Stem Diseases Leonor Leandro, Iowa State University
Biotic stressDiseaseGenetics
2023 Branch Chain Amino Acid ratio variations in diets containing corn, soybean meal, and corn distillers dried grains with solubles on turkey poult performance and amino acid digestibility in the starter Joe Moritz, West Virginia University
Amino acidsAnimal nutritionMacronutritional bundleTurkeys
2023 Bridging Soybean Meal Quality and Sustainability Todd Doehring, Centrec Consulting Group, LLC
Amino acidsAnimal nutritionBroiler chickensEnergyMeal marketing and promotionSoy mealSustainabilitySwine
2023 Building Infrastructure and Connectivity for Small and Medium Scale Processing of Soy-Based Value Added Products: A Multistate Approach Dharmendra Mishra, Purdue University
Soy mealSoy protein
2023 CADETS - Creative Agriculture Directed Effectively To Students Kendall R, Arise Veteran Foundation
AdhesivesIndustrial UsesSoy flourWood
2023 Carbon Cycling in Soybeans Matt Rohlik, Arva Intelligence Corp.
2023 Characterization and utilization of new sources of drought tolerance for soybean improvement (Year 3) Jianxin Ma, Purdue University
Abiotic stressGenetics
2023 Combatting heat stress through development of heat tolerant soybeans Kent Burkey, USDA-ARS
Abiotic stressGenetics
2023 Combining chemical and genetic strategies for improvement of growth and yield potential in soybean under drought stress Lam-Son Phan Tran, Texas Tech University
Abiotic stressGenetics
2023 Commercial determination of SBM energy value Caleb Shull, Maschhoffs, LLC
EnergyMacronutritional bundleSoy mealSwine
2023 Commercial Implementation of Soy Flour Substituted Resins for Wood Composite Panels Brian Via, Auburn University
AdhesivesIndustrial UsesSoy flourWood
2023 Comprehensive Analysis of U.S. Soybean Meal Demand Spencer Parkinson, Decision Innovation Solutions, LLC
Broiler chickensDairyEconomic studiesLaying hensMarket researchPets and companion animalsSoy hullsSoy mealSwine
2023 Connecting soy adhesive properties to product performance Christopher Hunt, USDA Forest Products Laboratory
AdhesivesIndustrial UsesWater resistanceWood
2023 Continue Development and Commercialization of Non-GMO High Oleic Varieties in Maturity Groups I to III Dechun Wang, Michigan State University
AgricultureCommercializationCompositionGeneticsHigh oleic
2023 Crop Protection Network: Delivering Soybean Research Results to Farmers Through National Partnerships Daren Mueller, Iowa State University
Data analysisData ManagementDiseaseExtensionPest
2023 Determination and Industry Implementation of New LCA Environmental Impact Data for U.S. Soybean Meal – Phase II Gerald Shurson, University of Minnesota
Animal nutritionSustainabilitySwine
2023 Determining the Causes of Declining Test Weight of Soybean and Utilizing Breeding to Increase Test Weight Ben Fallen, USDA/ARS-North Carolina State University
2023 Develop and deliver best management practices and soybean cultivars to minimize yield and quality losses from Cercospora leaf blight David Moseley, Louisiana State University AgCenter
AgricultureCrop protectionDiseaseField management Sustainability
2023 Developing soybean cultivars with high biological nitrogen fixation capacity Stella Kantartzi, Southern Illinois University
AgricultureGeneticsNitrogen fixationSustainability
2023 Development and application of improved high-oleic soybean oil-containing biphasic gel systems as animal fat mimetics in coarse-ground meat and plant-based products Rodrigo Tarté, Iowa State University
High oleicHuman food
2023 Development and Deployment of High Oleic/Low Linolenic Acid Soybean Andrew Scaboo, University of Missouri
AgricultureCommercializationCompositionGeneticsHigh oleic
2023 Development of integrative big-data driven technologies for soybean product development Yong-qiang Charles, USDA-ARS
Data analysisData ManagementEnabling technologyGeneticsGenomics
2023 Development of Soy-Lignin Polyurethane Flexible Foam for Automotive Mojgan Nejad, Michigan State University
FoamIndustrial UsesOil
2023 Development of Tire-Grade Carbon Black from Soybean Oil Robert Dennis-Pelcher, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
CarbonIndustrial UsesOilTires
2023 Direct utilization of soybean oil-derived fatty acids in oleo-furan surfactants Shawn Eady, Sironix Renewables, Inc.
Industrial UsesOilSurfactants
2023 Discovering and deploying genetic solutions across maturity groups for durable resistance to multiple nematodes Zenglu Li, University of Georgia
Biotic stressGeneticsNematode
2023 Early Planted Soybean Weed, Insect, and Disease Management Strategies Bill Johnson, Purdue University
AgricultureBiotic stressDiseaseField management Pest
2023 Effectiveness and Utility of Agricultural Drone Sprayers for Herbicide Applications to Improve Weed Management Bryan Young, Purdue University
Drone/UASField management Sustainability
2023 Effects of increasing energy or lysine in soybean meal-based diets on early and late finishing pig performance Bob Goodband, Kansas State University
Animal nutritionEnergyMacronutritional bundleSoy mealSwine
2023 Enhancing the Performance of High Soy Content Adhesives with Lactide Macromonomers Steve Severtson, University of Minnesota
AdhesivesCommercializationIndustrial UsesOil
2023 Envisioning marketing controlled environment, integrated aquaculture, and horticulture products in the United States: A project for defining markets, market volume and economic feasibility and analysi Jesse Chappell, Auburn University
AquacultureEconomic studiesFeasibility studySoy meal
2023 Estimating the Impacts of Increased Crushing Capacity Todd Doehring, Centrec Consulting Group, LLC
Broiler chickensDairyEconomic studiesMarket researchSoy mealSwineTurkeys
2023 Evaluating the benefits of soybean with high protein and high sulfur amino acid content on gain and feed efficiency of poultry Hari B., USDA-ARS
Amino acidsBroiler chickens
2023 Evaluation of viability and modes of actions of soybean dietary fibers in promoting the growth performance, nutrient utilization, gut health and immunocompetence of broiler chickens Oluyinka Olukosi, University of Georgia
Animal healthBroiler chickensComplementary nutritional factorsFunctional/BioactivesSoy hullsSoy meal
2023 Firefighting Foam Alan Snipes, Cross Plains Solutions
FireFoamIndustrial UsesSoy flourSoy meal
2023 Further evaluation of the increased metabolizable energy of soybean meal for poultry Carl Parsons, University of Illinois-Carbondale
Broiler chickensEnergy
2023 Gene editing and innovative mutation breeding approaches to develop 2nd generation improved soybean soluble carbohydrate composition Gunvant Patil, Texas Tech University
AgricultureCompositionGeneticsMacronutritional bundleSustainability
2023 Genetic improvement of soybean to boost weed control and phosphorus nutrition Damar Lopez-Arredondo, Texas Tech University
AgricultureBiotic stressFertilizer/plant nutrientField management Issues management
2023 High Oleic Soybean Oil Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid and Environmentally Acceptable Fluid Dr. Na, Fuchs Lubricants Company
CommercializationFireHigh oleicIndustrial UsesLubricants
2023 High yielding, non-nodulating isolines as a tool for improving soybean meal protein concentration Larry C Purcell, University of Arkansas
AgricultureGeneticsNitrogen fixation
2023 Hybrid Asphalt Materials from Renewable HOSO and Coal Jeramie J., Western Research Institute
AsphaltHigh oleicIndustrial UsesOilProcessing aid
2023 Identification of genomic regions underpinning soybean phosphorus uptake and use efficiency to improve sustainability of soybean production Felix Fritschi, University of Missouri
AgricultureFertilizer/plant nutrientGeneticsGenomicsSustainability
2023 Identification of high yielding soybean lines with sudden death syndrome (SDS) and Phytophthora resistance and molecular markers linked to novel genes encoding SDS and Phytophthora resistances Madan Bhattacharyya, Iowa State University
Biotic stressDiseaseGenetics
2023 Identifying key targets for soybean seed protein concentration improvement by creating a virtual soybean model Justin McGrath, USDA-ARS
CompositionFertilizer/plant nutrientSoy protein
2023 Improved Grinding and Pulverization of Carbonized Soybean Hull Nicole Hershberger, Akron Rubber Development Laboratory
Industrial UsesRubberSoy hulls
2023 Improving soy protein flavor and expanding market access by removing saponins Wolfgang Goettel, Benson Hill Seeds
Soy mealSoy protein
2023 Improving soybean production, seed quality and soil health using digital agriculture technologies Jianfeng Zhou, University of Missouri
Global ImagerySoil health
2023 Incorporation of Novel Resistance Genes into Non-GMO High Oleic Soybean Dechun Wang, Michigan State University
AgricultureCompositionGeneticsHigh oleic
2023 Increasing Demand for Soy in Coatings through the Use of Commercially-Available Materials Debora Hense, Stonebridge Coatings Laboratory, Inc.
CoatingsIndustrial UsesIndustry outreach
2023 Increasing resistance to iron deficiency chlorosis through gene discovery and multi-regional coordinated breeding Robert Stupar, University of Minnesota
Abiotic stressDiseaseGenetics
2023 Increasing the Value of U.S. soybean by Combining High Meal Protein, High Yield and Other Valuable Traits Utilizing Genetic Diversity, Breeding, and Genomic Tools Rouf Mian, USDA-ARS
Soy mealSoy protein
2023 Interdisciplinary Process-based Approach to Identify Nitrogen Limitations and Increase Soybean Yield and Meal Protein Montserrat Salmeron, University of Kentucky
Fertilizer/plant nutrientNutrient managementSoy protein
2023 Leveraging genomics to enhance the US soybean quality reputation Trupti Joshi, University of Missouri
2023 Metabolic Strategies for Improving Soybean Abiotic Stress Cross Tolerance Kalidas Shetty, North Dakota State University
Abiotic stressField management
2023 National USDA Uniform Soybean Tests / Yield, Disease Resistance and Quality Traits Evaluation of Public Breeding Lines (Year 3 of 3) Anne Gillen, USDA-ARS
AgricultureSustainabilityYield trials
2023 Nationwide Validation of Management Methods for Sustainable Soy Joe McClure, Iowa Soybean Association
AgricultureField management Sustainability
2023 New Tools for Soybean Cyst Nematode Control Andrew Bent, University of Wisconsin
Biotic stressGeneticsNematode
2023 Next Generation High Oleic Polymers Eric Cochran, Iowa State University
AsphaltConstruction materialsHigh oleicIndustrial Uses
2023 Opportunities for increased domestic use of soybean meal as production expands Paula Bauer, LMC International
Broiler chickensDairyEconomic studiesLaying hensMarket researchSoy mealSwineTurkeys
2023 Optimization of a novel alien gene transfer method for the targeted transfer of soybean cyst nematode resistance from distant wild relatives Kanwardeep S, Geneshifters LLC
Biotic stressGeneticsNematode
2023 Overcoming processing bottlenecks: A single-step enzymatic process to maximize soybean value Lu-Kwang Ju, The Ohio State University
EnzymesIndustrial UsesProcessing technology
2023 Promotion of US soy-based diets for marine shrimp Allen Davis, Auburn University
Animal nutritionAquacultureFermentationSoy mealSoy protein
2023 Redefining the effects of beneficial microorganisms on N fixation and nutrient uptake in soybean to provide sustainable solutions to reduce chemical fertilizers use Gunvant Patil, Texas Tech University
Biologicals Nitrogen fixationSoil healthSustainability
2023 Reducing Risk in Soybean Production by Building Sustainability in the Best Management Practices for Herbicide-Resistant Weeds (FY23) Bryan Young, Purdue University
Biotic stressField management
2023 Regional Board and Scientific Advisory Board Support- Supply Lisa Weaver, Smithbucklin Corporation
2023 Soy Protein Industrial Applications - Year 4 Jeff Cafmeyer, Battelle Memorial Institute
AdhesivesIndustrial UsesWater resistanceWood
2023 Soybean Oil as a Replacement for Petroleum-Based Oils in Tire Applications Robert Woloszynek, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Industrial UsesOilTires
2023 Soybean-Based Laundry Surfactants Jeff Cafmeyer, Battelle Memorial Institute
High oleicIndustrial UsesOilSurfactants
2023 SOYLEIC™: A non-GMO, High Oleic Oil and Meal Program – Seed Development and Supply Chain Steve Schnebly, SRS Agricultural Consulting LLC
AgricultureCommercializationCompositionHigh oleic
2023 Supply Program Research Partnerships Lisa Weaver, Smithbucklin Corporation
2023 Sustainable broad-spectrum SCN resistance varieties using gene editing, TILLING, regulatory epigenome, and whole-genome sequencing Henry Nguyen, University of Missouri
Biotic stressGeneticsNematode
2023 Take Action - Multi State Weed Science Extension Project Bill Johnson, Purdue University
Biotic stressField management
2023 The Continued Development and Dissemination of a Comprehensive and Sustainable Management Program for the Main Foliar Diseases of Soybean Ahmad Fakhoury, Southern Illinois University
AgricultureCrop protectionDiseaseExtensionSustainability
2023 The effects of increasing metabolizable energy (ME) and SID lysine (Lys) levels on lactating sows and litter performance on a commercial sow research farm Dustin Boler, Carthage Innovative Swine Solutions
Amino acidsAnimal nutritionEnergyMacronutritional bundleSoy mealSwine
2023 The Use of Soy Protein as a Preferred carrier for Beneficial David Kloostra, Center for Protein Research
AgricultureBiologicals Industrial UsesSoy isolate
2023 Thermally Recyclable and Self-healable Soybean Oil-based Polyurethane Foams Jinwen Zhang, Washington State University
FoamIndustrial UsesOilSustainability
2023 Understanding and Solving the Poor Moisture Resistance of Soy Adhesives Joseph J., Polymer Synergies, LLC
AdhesivesIndustrial UsesWater resistanceWood
2023 Understanding the advantage of using soybean meal instead of competitive protein feedstuffs in low crude protein diets when broiler chickens are exposed to coccidiosis disease challenge and role of pr Oluyinka Olukosi, University of Georgia
Animal healthBroiler chickensSoy meal
2023 Use of fermentation, a palatant and a prebiotic to enhance soy use in largemouth bass Rebecca Lochmann, University of Arkansas
AdditivesAnimal nutritionAquacultureFermentationSoy meal
2023 Utilizing Genes from the Soybean Germplasm Collection to Mitigate Drought Stress – Phase II Jason D, USDA-ARS
Abiotic stressGeneticsGenomics
2023 White Paper: Soy products as partial replacements for alfalfa in dairy cow diets William Weiss, Weiss Dairy Consulting
Animal nutritionDairySoy hullsSoy meal
2023 Yield Limitations of Soybean Varieties Under Drought: Identifying and Overcoming Weaknesses by Team Drought via Breeding, Genomics, Phenomics and Physiology Ben Fallen, USDA/ARS-North Carolina State University
Abiotic stressAgricultureSustainability