North Central Soybean Research Program
1255 SW Prairie Trail Parkway, Ankeny, IA 50023
Phone: 515-251-8640
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Year Project Name Lead Principal Investigator Keywords Funded
2023 An integrated approach to enhance durability of SCN resistance for long-term, strategic SCN management (Phase III) Andrew Scaboo, University of Missouri
Biotic stressCrop protectionField management Pest
2023 Development and Expansion of Disease Management Decision-Making Tools Across Multiple Soybean Regions Carl Bradley, University of Kentucky
Crop protectionDiseaseField management
2023 Field phenotyping using machine learning tools integrated with genetic mapping to address heat and drought induced flower abortion in soybean Krishna Jagadish, Texas Tech University
Abiotic stressAgricultureLand Use Water supply
2023 Improving flood and drought tolerance for soybeans in North Central region Henry Nguyen, University of Missouri
2023 Mapping soybean protein and oil quality in farmer fields Ignacio Ciampitti, Kansas State University
DiseaseField management Pest
2023 Multi-dimensional approaches for improved productivity, sustainability, and management of major soybean diseases in the North Central US Damon Smith, University of Wisconsin
Crop protectionDiseaseField management
2023 Research and extension on emerging soybean pests in the North Central region Kelley Tilmon, The Ohio State University
Biotic stressCrop protectionField management Pest
2023 Site-specific weed management with precision application technology Chris Proctor, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Data ManagementDrone/UAS
2023 SOYGEN3: Building capacity to increase soybean genetic gain in future environments for seed yield and composition through combining genomics-assisted breeding with environmental characterization Aaron Lorenz, University of Minnesota
2023 SoyRenSeq: a novel approach for disease resistance gene discovery and application for soybean improvement Jianxin Ma, Purdue University
2023 The SCN Coalition: Economics and Advancing Management Samuel Markell, North Dakota State University
Crop protectionDiseaseField management
2023 Using data-driven knowledge for profitable soybean management systems Shawn Conley, University of Wisconsin
Field management Nutrient managementSoil healthTillageYield trials