Our Mission

NCSRP will serve as a bridge between state and national soybean organizations and will be the recognized leader in funding and communicating basic and applied soybean research programs that are highly collaborative and uniquely appropriate in addressing soybean production, profitability and environmental sustainability for growers across the North Central region.

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Farmer-led Organization

The North Central Soybean Research Program (NCSRP) is recognized as a leader in multi-state collaborative research and outreach efforts to support soybean farmers and drive the soybean industry forward. The focus of NCSRP is soybean production research and extension outreach. We invest soybean checkoff funds in university research and extension programs to better understand and manage plant stressors...

Collaborative Soybean Research Objectives and Priorities:

1. Soybean yield and quality enhancement through genetic improvement and biotic and abiotic stress mitigation for soybean maturity groups 0-IV.
- Classical and molecular soybean breeding efforts that will enhance yield potential and yield stability...

Collaborative Soybean Research Objectives and Priorities:

2. Soybean production practices that will increase yield, profitability and environmental stewardship issues specific to the North Central region.
- Soybean–corn rotations
- Plant populations, row spacing, and input management
- Water quality...

Top Research Funding Areas

Most NCSRP checkoff funding goes to large, multifaceted, multidiscipline, multistate research, teaching and outreach programs that encompass several objectives and projects primarily directed at genetically and agronomically increasing soybean yield...

Top Areas of Research Critical to the Future of NCSRP's Soybean Production

- Improving soybean genetic gain and yield potential through traditional breeding, molecular breeding, and biotechnology, including gene editing
- Understanding soybean interactions with weeds, diseasing-causing pathogens, soybean cyst nematodes,...

Financial Overview: FY2023
Sustainable Production
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Top Things for Farmers to Know About Checkoff Dollars Invested in Research

The North Central Soybean Research Program (NCSRP) invests checkoff dollars from producers in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin in basic and applied...