Because Minnesota soybean farmers invest so much in their operation to be profitable, so does the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council (MSR&PC). Our elected board of soybean-producing directors are dedicated to maximize checkoff dollars for the prosperity of all soybean farmers and their families.

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Your checkoff dollars return BIG dividends

- Research funded by checkoff dollars to increase farmer profitability
- Educational outreach to improve public awareness and debunk false myths
- Market development to increase demand for Minnesota soybean products
- Educate farmers and non-farmers about soybeans

Top Things for Farmers to Know About Checkoff Dollars Invested in Research

Research information allows soybean farmers to optimize input costs per bushel and attain profitability. In an ever-changing world, due to climate, invasive species, pesticide resistance and more, today’s research project will provide solutions for...

Top Research Funding Areas

- Soybean breeding and genetics
- SCN sampling, SCN management, and detection of white soybean cyst nematode for strategically breeding resistant soybean
- Management of Herbicide-Resistant Weeds in Minnesota soybeans
- The UofMN/MSR&PC Drainage...

Top Areas of Research Critical to the Future of Minnesota's Soybean Production

- Weed management
- Managing White mold and other diseases
- Sustainable soybean production