Our Mission

Growing value for Nebraska farmers by maximizing their checkoff investments.

Our Vision

Feeding, fueling and innovating for the future.

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On a broader level, the soy checkoff helps facilitate market growth and create new markets for soybeans through marketing, research and commercialization programs. According to a 2019 return-on-investment (ROI) study, which is required by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. soybean farmers received $12.34 in added value for every dollar they invested in the soy checkoff. The federal law that...

Farmer Support

Share ideas and information to support and encourage Nebraska soybean farmers.
GOAL: Nebraska soybean farmers leverage checkoff services and support.

- Nebraska soybean farmers seek solutions from NSB and support the checkoff.

Production & Crop Research

Invest in targeted research to improve Nebraska soy production and quality.
GOAL: Nebraska soybean production and quality show continuous improvement.

- Land-grant university provides production and quality research that Nebraska...

Community Engagement

Interact with our local communities to showcase Nebraska soybeans, farms and farmers.
Goal: Nebraska soybeans, farms and farmers are widely accepted and supported.

- Consumers (primary household purchasing decision makers and their...

Demand & Utilization

Promote the power, versatility and sustainability of Nebraska soy.
Goal: Nebraska soybeans are preferred as a food, feed, fuel and industrial input source.

- Domestic and international soy end users seek Nebraska soybeans and soybean...

Financial Overview: FY2023
Sustainable Production Industrial Food Feed Export/Trade
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Total dollar amount of all FY2023 projects

Total dollar amount of all FY2024 projects

Core Values:

INNOVATION: Explore opportunities through new perspectives and ideas.
ADAPTABILITY: Meet the evolving needs of Nebraska soybean farmers.
COLLABORATION: Develop and sustain partnerships to achieve shared goals.
LEADERSHIP: Foster an environment...