The Texas Soybean Board (TSB) remains dedicated to investing checkoff dollars in areas essential to soybean farmers.

Take a look at the many ways TSB puts checkoff funds to work – from providing farmers with the most current research on soybean production practices to supporting animal agriculture, the No. 1 customer of soy meal.

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Top Things for Farmers to Know About Checkoff Dollars Invested in Research

The Texas Soybean Board is dedicated to using the soybean checkoff to fund research projects applicable to Texas soybean farmers. Funded projects aim to provide farmers with cutting-edge research they can use to better manage their soybeans and increase yields. For example, variety evaluation provides relevant local data about suitability to environmental conditions in key Texas regions. The drought...

Top Research Funding Areas

- Insect Control
- Plant Pathology Focused on Iron Chlorosis
- Soybean Variety Evaluation
- Southern Soybean Research Program
- Mid-South Soybean Board Research Program

Top Areas of Research Critical to the Future of Texas's Soybean Production

- Variety Selection and Development
- Herbicide-Resistant Weed Management
- Technological Control

Innovative Research Projects

- Evaluation of Public and Private Soybean Varieties for Texas Environments
- Stink Bug Management in Soybeans