Investing Checkoff Dollars to Improve Farmer Profitability.

WSMB is the steward of Wisconsin’s soybean checkoff, ensuring the state’s soybean farmers have the tools, markets and research needed to succeed.

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Your Checkoff at Work

The Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board invests checkoff money into research that helps Wisconsin soybean farmers at the farmgate. Working closely with the University of Wisconsin Extension, WSMB invests into the following priority areas:
- Herbicide Resistance
- Weed Control
- Fertility
- Artificial Intelligence Utilization
- Soil Management
- Seed Treatments
- Disease Management
- Yield...

Top Things for Farmers to Know About Checkoff Dollars Invested in Research

The Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board is committed to investing in the highest priority and most impactful research projects that will deliver a positive return on investment to Wisconsin soybean farmers. The WSMB is steadfast in its commitment to...

Top Research Funding Areas

- Agronomic and Nutrient Management
- Disease Management
- Weed Management
- Breeding to Improve Resistance to White Mold

Top Areas of Research Critical to the Future of Wisconsin's Soybean Production

- Pesticide Resistance Management
- Solving the Soybean Quality Conundrum
- Developing Sustainable, Resilient Production Systems to Mitigate Climate Change

Innovative Research Projects

- Developing Biologically Derived Pesticides to Combat Soilborne Pathogens
- Taking a Big Data Approach to Enhance Management Recommendations