Board Mission

The Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board consists of soybean producers nominated by various producer organizations within Arkansas and appointed by the governor.
The Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board was established to improve the sustainability and profitability of the soybean industry in Arkansas. This board is responsible for distributing funds from the checkoff.

Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board logo

Traditionally one of the largest agriculture enterprises in the state with more than 3 million acres of soybean fields in 56% of the counties, Arkansas ranks 11th in soybean production in the country.
Animal agriculture is the number one customer of soybean, 98% of soybean meal feeds livestock and poultry.
• Broiler chickens consume about 40% of the domestic supply of soybean meal.
• Approximately...

Top Things for Farmers to Know About Checkoff Dollars Invested in Research

When high-yielding harvests are not enough to secure success for today’s soybean producers, checkoff dollars help ensure a strong, profitable by investing in research projects. The Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board funds research focused on protecting...

Top Areas of Research Critical to the Future of Arkansas's Soybean Production

- Soybean Breeding
- Weed and Pest Control
- Irrigation Management

Soybeans and soybean products are Arkansas’s largest agricultural exports. Arkansas currently ranks 10th in the nation in soybean production, producing more than 150 million bushels annually valued at more than $1.5 billion.

Arkansas Soybean Facts

- Soybeans are Arkansas’s largest row crop at 3.1 million acres, accounting for more acres than rice, corn, sorghum and wheat combined.
- In 2014, Arkansas’ soybean yield of 49.5 bushels per acre was the highest average yield in state history.