Our Vision

Soy Aquaculture Alliance (SAA) works to create new opportunities for soybean farmers within a growing domestic market: Aquaculture. SAA funds solutions-driven research and educational programs that increase the utilization of U.S. soybeans in the diets of fish and shrimp, through affiliations with academic and private researchers and industry leaders. Soy-based feeds bring in a nutritional, sustainable, efficient, and consistent quality that can keep the domestic aquaculture market growing.

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Research Priorities

We update our research priorities with input from stakeholders in the industry, and understanding of current industry trends and pain points. By involving a committee of practicing nutritionists from leading aquaculture feed companies, we are able to connect project outcomes directly with the value chain and provide practical benefits to aquaculture producers. For 2024, we have four key objectives...

Objective 1: Practical, on-farm commercial-scale, and proof-of-value projects

We strive to support projects that demonstrate commercial application of soy products in aquaculture, and how the producer can realize more profit by using soy as a solution.

Objective 2: Water quality and sustainability in aquaculture

We prioritize demonstrating positive impacts on water quality through the use of soy as a feed ingredient.

Objective 3: Understand and reduce anti-nutritional factors (ANF’s) of soy in aquaculture

We seek understanding of gastrointestinal barriers to soy inclusion and solutions to limit negative effects of common ANFs such as saponins, lectins, trypsin, tannins, and phytic acid.

Objective 4: Business models, market analysis, and technology

We support concepts that incentivize the growth of domestic aquaculture and new technologies that improve the practices that producers employ in aquaculture production.

Financial Overview: FY2023
Feed Export/Trade
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Total dollar amount of all FY2023 projects

Total dollar amount of all FY2024 projects

Pursuing Solutions

Understanding relevant issues is intended to create forward-thinking and commercially replicable solutions that support the growth of aquaculture production and the profitability of producers. By always keeping operational improvement at the forefront...