Our Mission

Invest Delaware soybean checkoff dollars to create opportunities for Delaware soybean farmers to become more profitable and efficient.

Our Vision

To be a leader in research, marketing and education for the benefit of Delaware soybean growers.

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Strategic Plan

Using input from farmers, agribusinesses and the University of Delaware, the Delaware Soybean Board created and adopted a strategic plan. Frequent reviews by the Board ensure that it remains current and viable to best serve Delaware farmers. The priority areas include Animal Agriculture; Emerging Markets; Consumer Education; Technology and Regulation.

DSB identified six priorities:

1. Production > yield, weeds/pests, environment
2. Animal Ag
3. Emerging Markets
4. Consumer Education
5. Technology
6. Regulation

Top Research Funding Areas

- Plant Nutrition
- Weed Control
- Insect and Disease Control

Financial Overview: FY2023
Sustainable Production
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Total dollar amount of all FY2023 projects

Total dollar amount of all FY2024 projects


The Delaware Soybean Board funds soybean research on an annual basis to support the viability and profitability of soybean farmers in Delaware. DSB’s research objectives include increasing the average bushels per acre yield to 49.2 by 2021; providing...