Our Vision:

Indiana Farmers lead in responsibly growing soybeans for use in products worldwide.

Our Mission:

The Indiana Soybean Alliance proactively works with partners to improve opportunities for Indiana soybean farmers.

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Indiana’s soybean checkoff supports research, promotion and educational programs to increase demand, expand markets and find new uses for soybeans. Under its current strategic plan, Indiana Soybean Alliance puts Indiana soybean checkoff investments to work into four strategic focus areas of Market Development, Sustainability, Value Creation and Producer Engagement. Learn more about these areas...


Working with partners to accelerate demand for Indiana soybeans in all forms.
• Increase livestock and meat exports from Indiana
• Increase exports for US soybeans and soybean products
• Expand the demand for high oleic soybeans and...


Implementing environmental, economic and community outreach programs reaching farmers and consumers.
• Increase farmer adoption of improved nutrient and soil health systems
• Through community partnerships, strengthen consumer’s trust...


Increasing the value of Indiana soybeans by bringing new food and industrial uses to market through partnerships and research.
• Increase the number of soybean-based industrial products in the market
• Increase the number of foods...


Engaging more deeply with Indiana’s 20,000+ soybean farmers and giving back to farmer communities.
• Increase the understanding of the returns of checkoff programs back to the farm
• Fund programs that allow ISA to engage more deeply...

Financial Overview: FY2023
Sustainable Production
Chart numbers rounded to nearest 1000. Only projects in this database are shown.
Total dollar amount of all FY2023 projects

Total dollar amount of all FY2024 projects

Expenses 2023

Market Development — $4,914,686
Sustainability — $4,231,946
Value Creation — $2,252,875
Producer Engagement—$566,799
Organizational and Board Management — $1,489,392
Administration and General Services—$770,008
Total Checkoff expenses — $14,225...