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Name:Pennsylvania State University

Associated Projects

Project TitleYearAmount
Establishing an herbicide resistance monitoring program for PA Soybean Growers 2022 $10,181
Genomic characterization & evaluation studies on avian coronavirus variants in PA Poultry, 1990-2020 2022 $35,000
Evaluating the Effects of Intense Precipitation on the Efficacy of Weed Management in Soybeans 2021 $16,757
Molecular Assay for Simultaneous Detection of Endemic and Emerging Coronavirus in Pigs 2021 $49,076
Assessing the suitability of non-GMO soybeans in Northeast PA growing conditions 2020 $4,488
Bacterial biocapsules: Green materials that improve the performance of soybean inoculants 2020 $50,000
Detection and analysis of Streptococcus zooepidemicus, a recently emergent pathogen of Pigs in PA 2020 $38,281
Determination of the effect of high oleic soybeans on fatty acid digestibility 2020 $13,721
Proactive monitoring and management of soybean cyst nematode 2020 $11,936
Production effects of extruded soybean meal in comparison with canola meal in lactating dairy cows 2020 $45,447
Soybean Response to Nitrogen and Sulfur Rate and Timing of Fertilizer Application 2020 $19,502
Ability of Roasted Soybeans to Increase Milk Fat Yield 2019 $26,687
Developing Proactive Herbicide Resistant Weed Management for No Till Soybeans 2019 $19,540
Development of Best Management Guidelines for White Mold in PA 2019 $29,687
Evaluations of Soybean Germplasm Under Pennsylvania Conditions 2019 $15,000
Impact of Soybean Inclusion on Late Gestation Sow & Litter Performance 2019 $62,523
Incidence of Influenza D viruses on PA Cattle 2019 $39,248
The Impact of Soybean Particle Size on Poultry Performance and Digestibility 2019 $76,400
Thrips attraction to volatiles of viruliferous soybeans 2019 $8,238
Using Precision Agriculture Data to Define and Refine Soil Fertility Management in Soybean Production 2019 $24,728
Can Soybean Vein Necrosis be managed through host plant resistance 2018 $13,395
Enhancing rumen by-pass of extruded soybean meal protein 2018 $39,174
Evaluation of Soybean Germplasm Under Pennsylvania Conditions 2018 $9,912
Incidence of Influenza D Viruses (IDVs) in Pennsylvania Cattle 2018 $39,546
On Farm Network 2018 $148,500
Studies of Effects of Novel Avian Reovirus Variants of Egg-Laying Hens and Non-Metallic Disinfectant Control Strategies 2018 $33,844
Using Precision Agriculture Data to Define and Refine Soil Fertility Management in Soybean Production 2018 $47,522
A Sentinel Plot Program for Detection of Insect Pests and Diseases in Pennsylvania Soybeans 2017 $32,813
Decreasing risk of rumen upset & low milk fat by feeding high oleic soybeans 2017 $27,551
Developing and Implementing Educational Programs for Herbicide resistant marestail & pigweed in PA Cropping Systems 2017 $16,285
Distribution of soybean vein necrosis virus in PA & its impact on plant growth 2017 $6,734
Evaluation of Soybean Germplasm Under Pennsylvania Conditions 2017 $12,966
Genome characterization of coronavirus for PA calves & benefits of soybeans in reducing calf mortality 2017 $37,865
Mitigation of ulcerative colitis by dietary soy fiber supplement 2017 $13,214
Establishing a sentinel plot program for detection of insect pests and diseases in PA soybeans 2016 $32,153
Evaluation of Soybean Germplasm Under Pennsylvania Conditions 2016 $6,606
Genomic characterization and vaccine challenge of emerging avian reovirus variants for poultry health and agriculture promotion 2016 $35,418
Increasing yields and profitability for mid atlantic double crop soybeans 2016 $12,213
PA on farm product evaluation network 2016 $75,832
Anticipating the next welfare challenge: Optimizing controlled disease exposure in loose housed animals 2015 $30,800
Pennsylvania on-farm product evaluation network 2015 $49,794
Determining the profitability of using cover crops in soybean cropping systems 2013 $8,339
Establishing a sentinel plot program for detection of insect pests and diseases in Pennsylvanian soybeans 2013 $36,078
People Support for the Industry Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education (I-PIPE) (Year 1 of 1320-832-8265) 2013 $45,000
The effects of manure applications on soybeans 2013 $9,852
Understanding interactions among soybeans, beetle vectors, bean pod mottle virus and beneficial root bacteria 2013 $17,908
Common pokeweed management in field crops 2012 $7,240
Effects of different temperatures during mechanical soybean extrusion on soybean meal protein quality 2012 $2,500
Exploring the role of natural enemies and weeds in slug control in Pennsylvania no-till soybean 2012 $11,069
Improved swine production and profitability via regional control of PRRS virus 2012 $10,000
Insuring the long-term visibility of swine with husbandry systems designed to meet the changing demand of society 2012 $10,000
Developing a biologically based management strategy for slugs in no-till soybeans 2011 $12,185
Development of an on-farm product evaluation network 2010 $21,955
Soybean aphid in Pennsylvania: Monitoring and development of new management tactics 2010 $19,000
Evaluation of seeding rate and seed treatments on soybean stand establishment and yield 2009 $8,266
Evaluation of soybean germplasm under Pennsylvania conditions 2009 $7,000
Soybean increases soil carbon sequestration better than canola 2009 $10,000