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Soy Protein Skin Wound and Burn Dressing

Parent Project: This is the first year of this project.
Checkoff Organization:New Jersey Soybean Board
Categories:New uses
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Project Year:2020
Lead Principal Investigator:Joseph Connell (Neu Esse Inc.)
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This is totally new and novel research proposal which will help patients, care providers and soybean farmers. With a message about the healing properties of soy protein. Our skin substitute (OmegaSkinTM)is made of soy protein isolate and generates a high-tech biomedical platform resulting in an affordable, off-the-shelf, bioactive scaffold for wound and burn healing. Rolls or sheets of "skin" are manufactured by electroprocessing (a combination of electro-and blow-spinning) and packaged for use in the field or can be applied directly on an injury using our portable hand-held spin blower. Our studies in animal models indicate that electroprocessed soy-based wound matrices are gradually degraded and integrated into the host's dermis leading to neovascularization, deposition of new collagen and enhanced epithelization, superior closure and healing of full thickness wounds quickly with minimal to no scarring, with the added benefit of regenerating intact hair follicles and sweat glands.

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Benefit to Soybean Farmers

The overall goal of this project is to produce and test in vitro an in vivo (pre clinical tests in a large animal model) soy based bioactive wound matrices that will perform better than currently available similar synthetic or animal derived wound matrices. The hypothesis to be tested is that our soy protein-based skin scaffold can successfully meet all objectives indicated below by providing a plant-protein base wound dressing with an extended shelf-life requiring no refrigeration nor other special handling requirements.

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2020Soy Protein Skin Wound and Burn Dressing