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Explosives and Soybeans: Meeting the Need for a More Environmentally Friendly Explosive

Parent Project: Explosives and Soybeans: Meeting the Need for a More Environmentally Friendly Explosive
Checkoff Organization:Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council
Categories:Industrial use – Oil, Soybean utilization
Organization Project Code:426-22
Project Year:2022
Lead Principal Investigator:Phillip Mulligan (Missouri University of Science & Technology)
Co-Principal Investigators:
Keywords: Industrial uses - oil, New Uses, Soybean Utilization

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Project Summary

Examining using soybean oils in emulsified explosives, gas toxicity of emulsified explosives, and marketing of soybean based explosives

Project Objectives

* focus on emulsified explosives using soybean oil as the fuel;
* examine emulsified explosive performance, examine gas toxicity, and marketing the soybean-based explosives

Project Deliverables

* Manufacturing and performance analysis report;
* Gas analysis report for the post-detonation gasses; and
* Clear concise flyer for marketing soybean based explosives, minimum of two mining magazine publications and a minimum of one journal publication.

Progress of Work

Final Project Results

Benefit to Soybean Farmers

The annual production of ANFO requires approximately 30.5 million gallons of petroleum diesel. To meet this need using B100, the annual production of soybeans would need to either increase by 20.3 million bushels or the bushels of soybeans exported would decrease by the same amount.

Using straight soybean oil for the explosives industry has a cost savings and would require an additional 21.3 million bushels of soybeans.

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