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Improving white mold management: epidemiology, fungicide timing and plant resistance

Parent Project: Improving white mold management: fungicide timing and plant resistance
Checkoff Organization:Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee
Categories:Soybean diseases, Breeding & genetics, Environmental stress
Organization Project Code:18-04
Project Year:2018
Lead Principal Investigator:Martin Chilvers (Michigan State University)
Co-Principal Investigators:

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Final Project Results

Updated February 12, 2019:
MSPC funding and support was critical to research and publications that resulted in the development and release of the Sporecaster app for the prediction of Sclerotinia apothecia development. During 2018 we informed industry about this tool, and we hope that it will assist with the timing and application of fungicides for white mold management.
We have been actively participating in multistate IPM white mold management trials. Including, trials to examine the use of germplasm resistance, fungicide timing, row spacing and populations. Multistate trials also include studies to evaluate fungicide products for efficacy tables that we release annually.
An interesting example of our white mold research and extension impacts were discussions with Wilbur Ellis employees on the implementation on cobra and fungicide applications for white mold management. It was encouraging to hear that our data and extension efforts has aided industry in managing this difficult disease.
The Chilvers lab have also assisted Dr. Wang’s soybean breeding team in the design and implementation of plant resistance screening trials for the identification and development of resistant germplasm.

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