Elucidation of gene networks governing high protein soybean
Sustainable Production
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This is the first year of this project.
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Tom Clemente, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
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This research program brings together a multidisciplinary approach to gain insight on two
candidate genes identified by a research group at the University of Illinois that appear to govern
significant control over protein deposition in soybean. Confirmation of these findings through
functional characterization of the genes opens the door for designing selection schemes to bred
for high protein, without compromising yield, and will broaden our understanding on controlling
networks of carbon flux during seed development and its translation in to seed oil and protein.

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#breeding & genetics
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Assembly of three genetic constructs for soybean transformation will require approximately one
to two months. The subsequent soybean transformation steps, and collection of T1 seed will
require another nine months. Therefore, support of this project will enable us to generate the
necessary soybean biologicals to allow for the monitoring of the identified gene calls influence on
protein deposition in soybean.

Final Project Results

Updated April 19, 2018:

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