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Managing Sotbean Diseases in Ohio

Parent Project: This is the first year of this project.
Checkoff Organization:Ohio Soybean Council
Categories:Soybean diseases
Organization Project Code:17_R-03
Project Year:2017
Lead Principal Investigator:Anne Dorrance (The Ohio State University)
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Final Project Results

Updated March 25, 2019:
1. During this quarter, we screened for resistance to several soybean pathogens in germplasm using lab assays. We screened the nested association mapping (NAM) for resistance to P. sojae and Pythium spp. 2. More than 300 isolates of Pythium and Phytophthora were recovered from our seed treatment trials and have all been identified via sequencing. Identified an emerging threat with the level of Diaporthe stem canker that developed in producers fields this year. Graduate Student, Linda Weber has recovered 90 Cercospora isolates from 13 samples received from 10 counties. PCR ran on a subset of isolates from the first 6 locations showed 3 with a Cercospora population sensitive to strobilurin fungicides (Pickaway, Clinton, Wayne), and 3 with a mixed population and some resistance to fungicides via the G143A mutation (Champaign, Darke, Tuscarawas). The remaining isolates will be assayed shortly. 3. Soil samples were collected throughout the state to complete our sampling for the survey of pathotypes of P. sojae in Ohio. 4. Much of the effort this summer was placed on analyzing the data from the eQTL repeat experiment. This process takes all of the numbers of transcripts or genes that are expressed during and without infection. Maps these to the genome. Two students Cassidy Gedling and Stephanie Verhoff with mentoring from Leah McHale have made great progress on this effort. QTL mapping continues on the NAM populations that have been screened (0bj 2) and the final assays are in progress, fine mapping and candidate gene identification are in progress for F. graminearum and in Conrad on two chromosomes. The first phase of the repeats of the experiments to explore the role of auxin in enhancing susceptibility are now done. Student Anna Stasko is now running the qRT_PCR and metabolomics experiments. 5. This continued to be one of the most challenging seasons for field plot work on record, we did get 8 locations in Ohio this summer. Harvest is in progress of the 4291 plots plus plots. Analysis and report reporting are a key focus now..

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2017Managing Sotbean Diseases in Ohio