Determine if Sulfur is a Limiting Nutrient in Soil and NY Soybean Production
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This is the first year of this project.
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Mike Stanyard, Cornell Cooperative Extension
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Jodi Putman, Cornell Cooperative Extension
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SYBN 18 001
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Soybean acreage continues to increase throughout New York State (Field Crops, 2017). According to the 2016 New York State agriculture overview, 320,000 acres of soybeans were harvested with an average yield of 41 bushel/acre. Soybeans response to nutrients depend on growth and yield potential, availability and weather. Soybeans, like all crops, need sulfur (S) (Davidson, 2014). There are 18 essential nutrients needed for plant growth and development. They can be divided into two core groups; macronutrients (9) and micronutrients (9) (Place et al., 2007). Sulfur is considered one of the 9 essential macronutrients and is used in processes such as protein and enzyme synthesis that help regulate...

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