Stepwise evaluation of high technology production systems by omission research
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This is the first year of this project.
Lead Principal Investigator:
Wayne Ebelhar, Mississippi State University
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Brief Project Summary:

The purpose of this research is to try and combine the technologies coming forward into a management system that can optimize yields and increase profitability and assess the impact of each factor. The project evaluates specific soybean inputs, including single-row vs twin-row planting patterns, plant populations, early-season nitrogen applications along with phosphorus, potassium, and sulfur, fungicide application and desiccation. It determines through stepwise addition or removal integration the value of specific inputs to both the agronomic and economic productivity of soybean and evaluates systems under rain-fed and irrigated conditions.

Key Benefactors:
farmers, agronomists, extension agents

Information And Results
Final Project Results

The United Soybean Research Retention policy will display final reports with the project once completed but working files will be purged after three years. And financial information after seven years. All pertinent information is in the final report or if you want more information, please contact the project lead at your state soybean organization or principal investigator listed on the project.