Effects of Dietary Soy Replacement on Burbot (Freshwater Cod) Growth and Immune Function
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This is the first year of this project.
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Kenneth Cain, University of Idaho
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This project focused on fishmeal replacement with soy protein products for a new and upcoming aquaculture species, burbot (freshwater cod). The project aimed to evaluate fish growth performance at the juvenile and sub-adult life stages. After the juvenile trial, soy protein digestibility metrics were evaluated to compare growth performance. Lipid and dry matter digestibility were found to be overall decreased for the plant-based products. No differences were detected in the average weight per fish. There were no dietary impacts on juvenile burbot anatomy.

Key Audience:
Aquaculture feed producers, burbot producers

Information And Results
Project Deliverables

Research proposed will address our working hypothesis that a partial replacement of fish meal with process variants of soybean meal will not reduce burbot growth or health. The long-term goal of this project is to discern and prioritize the inclusion rate of soy-based protein products within a commercial dietary formulation that would be acceptable for burbot aquaculture. Key outputs of this novel and preliminary work will include:

• determination of optimal soy protein inclusion rates for both juvenile and grow-out phases of burbot culture via growth performance trials
• comparison of upgraded and enhanced soy products in burbot formulations (i.e., soy protein concentrates and fermented soy products)
• characterization of overall burbot health and physiological/immunological response in burbot fed experimental diets containing soy products

Final Project Results

Updated February 16, 2021:

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As a follow-up to our manuscripts in preparation and professional presentations, the team will also plan to share data with producers in the Pacific Northwest via some extension articles. The team is working with Gary Fornshell, the University of Idaho Aquaculture Extension Educator, to provide updates to regional producers and promote burbot aquaculture as part of a Western Regional Aquaculture Center (WRAC) project.

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