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Name:University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Associated Projects

Project TitleYearAmount
Benchmarking and integrating soil health, water quality, and climate-smart footprints of Illinois soybeans 2023 $155,806
Understanding the Importance of Cover Crop Planting Date in Illinois Row Crop Production 2023 $51,425
Evaluation and Commercialization of SOYLEIC Varieties in Illinois 2022 $59,736
UIUC Crop Science Variety Trials – Protein and Oil Testing 2022 $21,500
Weed Management in Very Early-Planted Soybeans 2022 $43,478
Comprehensive evaluation of phosphorus best management practices for soybean to increase nutrient use efficiency, profitability, and water quality 2021 $66,661
Increasing our knowledge of the incidence of insensitivity of Cercospora sojina to SDHI and QoI fungicides in Illinois 2021 $51,718
Gathering information on red crown rot distribution and seed treatment efficacy in Illinois 2020 $27,226
How long do insecticide applications provide effective control of soybean pests 2020 $24,424
Manipulating a major gene governing seed reserves as a means to maintain yield and oil while increasing protein 2020 $95,425
Farmer Profitability and Farm Management Communications 2019 $35,000
High Yield + Quality 2018 $17,000
Portable Raman Instrumentation Towards Point-of-Harvest Chemical Analysis of Soybean Crops (Year 1 of 1520-832-8261) 2015 $103,823
Genetics of Multi-Soybean Aphid Biotype Resistance and Soybean Aphid Virulence on Rag Genes (Year 1 of 1420-532-5605) 2014 $87,571
Nondestructive Soybean Analysis of Specific Amino Acids and Fatty Acids: A Head to Head Comparison Between Raman Spectroscopy and NIR Spectroscopy (1420-832-8271) 2014 $66,218
App. of Single-Molecule Nano-Detection for Rapid Monitoring of Fatty Acids, Enzyme Activity, Gibberellic Acid & Nucleic Acids Expression in SB Growth Molecular & Signaling Pathways (1320-832-8272) 2013 $52,000
Application of Photonic Crystal Arrays to Quantify Transcription Factors and Other Low Abundance Proteins in Soybean that Could Enhance Seed Composition and Yield (1320-532-5612) 2013 $75,000
Decoding the Networks that Set Protein and Amino Acid Composition (1320-532-5679) 2013 $128,674
Identification and Characterization of Resistance in Soybean Germplasm Maturity Groups II-IV to Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (1320-532-5607) 2013 $25,947
Molecular Analysis and Engineering of the Rhg1 Locus for Cyst Nematode Resistance (1320-532-5603) 2013 $94,622
Residual herbicides in early planted and low seeding rate soybean production 2013 $27,469
Screening for Multi-Soybean Aphid Biotype Resistance in Soybean Germplasm (1320-532-5605) 2013 $24,947
Using VIPS entries to communicate component value of protein and amino acids 2013 $42,000
Enhancement of Phytochemicals in Soybean to Improve Disease Resistance (Year 1 of 1272) 2011 $75,000
Evaluate the interactions of soybean planting date, seeding rate, and row spacing 2011 $27,000
Evaluating the effect of bacterial blight on soybean yield and quality 2011 $10,000
Evaluation of novel soybean inputs to enhance yield 2011 $60,000
Outreach and education 2011 $1,000
Outreach and education activities 2011 $6,610
Positional cloning of the major aphid resistances genes Rag1 and Rag2 2011 $55,000
Residue management for soybean establishment in no-till crop systems 2011 $18,530
Yield challenge data program 2011 $110,000
Multiple Disease Resistant Soybeans: Gene Discovery and Transfer of Disease Resistance into Soybean (Year 1 of 0262) 2010 $183,827
The Contribution of Small RNAs toward Modulating Gene Networks for Protein and Oil Composition in Soybean (Year 2 of 9279) 2010 $193,275
The Contribution of Small RNAs toward Modulating Gene Networks for Protein and Oil Composition in Soybean (Year 1 of 9279) 2009 $188,986
Toward Developing Rust-Resistant Soybeans: Identifying Genes for Rust Resistance (Year 3 of 7262) 2009 $156,484