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MU Certified Strip Trial Initiative

Parent Project: MU Certified Strip Trial Initiative
Checkoff Organization:Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council
Categories:Crop management systems, Education, Soil fertility
Organization Project Code:378-19
Project Year:2019
Lead Principal Investigator:John Lory (University of Missouri)
Co-Principal Investigators:
Wayne Flanary (University of Missouri)
Peter Scharf (University of Missouri)
Kent Shannon (University of Missouri)
Bill Wiebold (University of Missouri)
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Keywords: Cover Crops, Crop Management Systems, Education

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Project Summary

This program is an integrated research, education and demonstration project helping Missouri producers validate management decisions on their own farm and document their efficiency and environmental stewardship. Strip trials are focused and easily implemented experimental tests that farmers can perform on their fields using their own equipment or that of a commercial applicator. The adoption of yield monitors and precision agricultural tools and strategies provides tremendous opportunity for wide-spread adoption of strip trials throughout Missouri. Comparisons are made across soil types to determine the impact of management practices and the variability throughout the
field. The Missouri Strip Trial Program is an unbiased source of data for nutrient management, agronomic, and conservation practices. Practices that are compared include nitrogen timing, phosphorus application comparisons, and cover crop impacts on corn and soybean yield. Other agronomic comparisons are planned for future evaluation.

Project Objectives

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Progress of Work

Updated April 27, 2021:
The primary goal of the “MU Certified” Strip Trial program is to work with Missouri farmers to validate management decisions and document efficiency and environmental stewardship. Cover crops can increase sustainability of cropping systems through reduced erosion, improved soil organic matter and reduced nutrient losses. Farmers are still learning the best way to integrate cover crops into their crop rotations. Strip trials are focused and easily implemented experimental tests that farmers can perform on their fields using their equipment. Over the past three years the strip trial worked
with farmers to completed 45 cover crop strip trials.

The research team works with farmers to layout the trial and a local contact is available to answer questions and address
problems. Over the course of the trial, researcher use UAV’s (drones) to collect information about the trial. Ultimately,
the goal of the partnership is to use the yield map from the field to compare treatment outcomes. The farmer receives
reports throughout the growing season on comparisons of the treatments on their field.

In February 2019, the team initiated farmer meetings throughout Missouri to meet with farmers who had strip trials or were interested in strip trials to discuss outcomes of individual trials and review summary reports of trial outcomes.

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