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Name:University of Missouri

Associated Projects

Project TitleYearAmount
Improving flood and drought tolerance for soybeans in North Central region 2023 $300,000
A comparison of two seed treatments for SCN and SDS efficacy in MU strip trials 2022 $45,000
Breeding for High Oleic/Low Linolenic Acid Soybeans with Competitive Yield 2021 $503,977
Comparison of Non-Chemical Control Methods as Part of an Integrated Weed Management Strategy in Soybean 2021 $99,200
Evaluating and optimizing the use of high oleic low linolenic (HOLL) soybean oil in ice cream 2021 $31,609
Evaluating Electrocution as a Viable Method of Preventing Weed Seed Production in Missouri Soybean Systems 2021 $46,968
Genetic Improvement of Flood Tolerance and Best Management Practices for Sustainable Soybean Production 2021 $348,525
HOLL plus soybean variety development 2021 $90,000
Optimization of food process engineering process parameters for shelf stable SOYLEIC™ milk, SOYLEIC™ yogurt, SOYLEIC™ tofu and SOYLEIC™ extruded okara products fortified with Vitamin B12 2021 $57,076
Screening and Selecting Non-Xtend Soybeans for Dicamba Tolerance (with MSSB) 2021 $65,500
Extension Education - Soybean Extension 2020 $28,650
High Oleic Soy-based Instant Powder through Spray Drying: Value-Added Product 2020 $32,134
Increasing Soybean Use in Cattle Diets: Growing Beef Calves and Lactating Dairy Cows 2020 $51,295
Monitoring System Using Sticky Traps for Multiple Stink Bug Species 2020 $8,775
MU Certified Strip Trial Evaluation Impacting of Seed Treatment Fungicides and Insecticides on Early Season Diseases and Pests 2020 $44,472
Off-setting Herbicide-Resistance: Future Weed Control Options for Missouri Soybean Production 2020 $31,500
Protecting Soil after Soybean 2020 $25,000
Understanding the Impacts of Soybean Cyst Nematode Seed Treatments on SCN and Sudden Death Syndrome in Missouri 2020 $37,537
Applied Genomics to Improve Soybean Seed Protein 2019 $187,191
Breeding Productive, Pest Resistant, Conventional and Herbicide Tolerant Group IV and V Soybeans 2019 $254,868
Characterizing Value-Added QTL from Wild Soybean for Enhancement of Germplasm Resources 2019 $72,886
Comprehensive approach for high oleic soybean oil inclusion in broilers, layers, and market hogs 2019 $96,239
Foliar fungicides and disease management: a strip-trial study 2019 $50,550
Leveraging Stable Isotope Traits to Improve Soybean Water Use Efficiency 2019 $85,292
Multi-Viscosity Blends of High Oleic Soybean Oil and Esters for Industrial Applications 2019 $38,072
Screening soybean germplasm and breeding soybeans for flood tolerance 2019 $160,000
Winter Production Project 2019 $114,000
Best Management of Soybean in a Double Crop System 2018 $20,736
Breeding and Genetic Mapping for Flooding Tolerance in Soybean 2018 $82,000
Breeding high-yielding soybeans with functional traits 2018 $237,555
Breeding soybeans resistant to multiple nematode species 2018 $252,861
Developing value-added specialty soybeans for the soyfood market 2018 $42,500
Development of Soy Protein-Nanocellulose Composites as Food Packaging 2018 $45,826
Development of a herbicide injury app for mobile devices 2018 $20,700
Development of High-Yielding, High-Protein Germplasm by Enhancing N Acquisition and its Transport to Seed (Year 1 of 1820-152-0136) 2018 $151,847
Investigating dicamba movement and injury to soybean 2018 $68,425
MU Certified Strip Trial - Collaboration with ISA On-Farm Network ILeVO Test 2018 $40,650
Undergraduate Research Internships 2018 $15,471
Utilizing Molecular Markers for Soybean Variety Development 2018 $237,462
Characterization of genetic lesions and yield potential of two fast neutron mutants with high seed per-pod value traits 2017 $61,764
Enhancing Soybean Production Efficiency in Northwest Missouri 2017 $9,500
Genetic Improvement of Flood Tolerance and Best Management Practices for Sustainable Soybean Production (Year 1 of 1720-172-0129) 2017 $230,000
High-throughput phenotyping to accelerate soybean improvement through agronomy, breeding and genetics 2017 $85,794
Identification and Evaluation of Domesticated Soybean Lines from Wild Soybean Crosses with Increased Levels of Protein and Value-Added Amino Acids 2017 $64,210
Incorporating Cover Crops in Soybean Cropping Systems 2017 $19,148
Interaction of Cover Crops and Nematicides in Relation to Soybean Cyst Nematode Population Management and Soybean Yield 2017 $30,470
Network Guided Modification of Soybean Meal Composition (Year 1 of 1720-152-0105) 2017 $84,020
Soybean Gene Zoo - A Community Outreach 2017 $5,453
Soybean Gene Zoo - A Community Outreach 2017 $5,453
Application of Epoxidized Allyl Soyate (EAS) Resin Composites in Dry Type Transformers -- a new application for soya based epoxy resin 2016 $29,440
Assessing nutritional value of soybean meal: identifying nutritional traits that would improve market position of soybeans 2016 $126,915
Biochemical mechanisms responsible for resistance of bollworm to select insecticides and mixtures 2016 $47,237
Defense Peptides for Control of Pythium Seed Rot and Damping Off of Soybean 2016 $57,931
Energy Efficient Building Panels with Insulation Core of Soy-Based Polyurethane Foams 2016 $30,000
Enhancing Soybean Hulls as a Supplement for Beef Cattle 2016 $41,886
Fast neutron mutagenesis in soybean: A resource to aid in the translation of genomic information into applied technologies 2016 $73,547
Genetic Mapping of a Unique Morphological Trait in Soybean and Evaluation of the Correlations with Yield Potential and Seed Composition 2016 $39,000
Improving the Awareness and Management of SCN in Missouri through Grower Education and Outreach 2016 $19,537
Increasing Soybean Oil Yield by Targeted Silencing of a Novel Negative Regulator of Fatty Acid Synthesis (1620-632-6601) 2016 $79,849
Intragastric gelation of mixed soy protein and fibers and its effect on postprandial sugar release 2016 $24,549
MU Certified Strip Trial Initiative 2016 $50,000
Nutritional evaluation of soybean meal generated from high oleic acid soybeans 2016 $52,608
To develop productive group IV and V soybeans resistant to nematodes and diseases 2016 $238,110
Using soybean meal protected from rumen degradation to improve health of receiving calves and feed efficiency of stocker and feedlot calves 2016 $85,700
CAFNR undergraduate soybean industry research scholars 2015 $16,000
Costa Rica breeding project 2015 $150,000
Develop productive group IV and V soybeans resistant to nematodes and diseases 2015 $238,110
Development of soybeans with improved functional traits for Missouri 2015 $185,736
Discovery of yield genes for soybean improvement 2015 $112,917
Evaluation of elevated oleic acid germplasm for development of soybeans with high oleic acid 2015 $79,190
Evaluation of exotic germplasm for drought tolerance 2015 $1
Improving heat tolerance: Identification and characterization of soybean germplasm 2015 $90,633
Improving soybeans for increased productivity on specific soil types -- sand, loam and clay 2015 $32,000
Management of insecticide resistance in corn earworm populations 2015 $69,334
NIR analysis of variety testing and contest beans 2015 $15,000
Understanding the Genetic Control of SCN Resistance and Nematode Virulence to Enhance Durability of Resistance in Soybean (Year 1 of 1520-532-5607) 2015 $234,742
Utility of subsurface drip irrigation for soybean production 2015 $49,088
Genetic engineering for yield improvement in soybean: Dietary innovations 2014 $100,000
Identification and characterization of soybean germplasm to improve drought tolerance 2014 $69,693
Missouri green fields initiative 2014 $31,599
A tool to pin-point when termination of irrigation on soybeans should occur 2013 $29,872
Genetic Trait Development and Breeding for Enhanced Digestibility, Metabolizable Energy Content, and Feed Efficiency of Soybean (Year 1 of 2512) 2013 $161,221
Germplasm identification and selection for soybean cyst nematode 2013 $74,842
Large Scale Sequencing of Germplasm to Develop Genomic Resources for Soybean Improvement (Year 1 of 1320-532-5615) 2013 $300,000
Novel strategy for gene stacking through coordinated gene expression 2013 $75,600
Support of MU weed science extension efforts directed towards the management of glyphosate-resistant weeds 2013 $10,000
Biotechnological development of soybean germplasm with improved industrial and multi-use functionalities 2012 $63,860
Collection and Evaluation of New Soybean Landraces and Germplasm Accessions in Northern Regions of Vietnam (Year 1 of 1257) 2012 $50,000
Development of Soybean Lines with Improved Tolerance to Heat and Drought (Year 1 of 2504) 2012 $221,607
Fast neutron mutagenesis in soybean: A resource to aid in the translation of genomic information into applied technologies 2012 $74,967
Fungicide seed treatments: Are they of any benefit? 2012 $16,200
Gene Discovery and Genomic Strategies to Improve Yield and Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Maturity Group III and IV Soybeans (Year 1 of 1273) 2012 $300,111
Genetic Engineering of Soybean to Reduce Soybean Oligosaccharides (Year 1 of 2204) 2012 $72,908
Genetic Evaluation and Development of Germplasm Resistant to Multi-Nematodes in Group III, IV, and V Soybeans (Year 1 of 2501) 2012 $170,111
Investigation of the value of an insecticide added to a fungicide application 2012 $12,314
North Missouri soybean breeding program 2012 $399,740
Novel construct design for plant gene silencing employing artificial tasiRNA 2012 $68,810
Soybean Disease Resistance Signaling Networks in Responding to Soybean Cyst Nematode (Year 1 of 2268) 2012 $147,922
Unbiased look into older herbicides: Economic and effective weed control 2012 $32,705
Comparison of weed control, yield, and net income in conventional, LibertyLink, and Roundup Ready soybean systems 2011 $12,542
Construction of Proteome and Metabolome Maps of Soybean to Improve Yield and Value-Added Traits (Year 1 of 1236) 2011 $381,228
Developing Drought Tolerant Soybeans Using Extreme Phenotypes (Year 1 of 1274) 2011 $189,638
Genetic Improvement of Flooding Tolerance in Soybean (Year 1 of 0219) 2011 $150,472
Discovery and Characterization of Candidate Genes for Resistance to Soybean Cyst Nematode (Heterodera Glycines) in Soybean (Year 1 of 0259) 2010 $75,484
Enhancing disease resistance in soybean through the tools of biotechnology 2010 $90,000
Identification of genes for resistance to multi-soybean nematode species 2010 $70,128
Carbon isotope discrimination analysis as a tool for researchers to improve soybean drought tolerance 2009 $13,520
Compile Estimates of Soybean Yield Suppression by Diseases in the U.S. During 2008 (9215) 2009 $18,000
Confirmation of Quantitative Trait Loci and Gene-based Molecular Marker Development for Broad Spectrum Resistance to Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) (Year 3 of 7259) 2009 $74,076
Construction of fungal resistant soybean 2009 $62,002
Coupling High-Throughput Genetic and Phenotypic Information for Yield Enhancement (Year 2 of 8274) 2009 $151,814
Defense peptides to protect soybean from rust 2009 $79,500
Delta Center soybean breeding projects 2009 $175,591
Developing a web server for soybean translational genomics 2009 $62,543
Development and deployment of biotechnology for soybean improvement 2009 $300,000
Development of a high throughput Agrobacterium-mediated transformation system for soybean (Glycine max) 2009 $64,900
Genetic engineering to enhance oil traits in soybean 2009 $67,763
Genetic modification of sterol composition in soybean seeds 2009 $59,241
Harnessing Soybean Innate Immunity to Reduce Yield Losses Due to Fungal Pathogens (Year 1 of 9230) 2009 $97,803
High throughput cloning and functional characterization of molecular switches for stress tolerance and enhanced seed composition in soybean 2009 $73,671
Molecular-genetic regulation of seed oil accumulation in soybean 2009 $72,582
Screening and characterizing soybean germplasm for drought tolerance 2009 $79,383
Soybean breeding projects 2009 $193,246
Transcriptional profiling of soybean transcription factors 2009 $69,540
Translational genomics for drought tolerance in soybean 2009 $55,329
Using micro genomics to identify new sources of soybean cyst nematode resistance in soybeans 2009 $72,000
Evaluation of Soybean Varieties and Exotic Germplasm for Tolerance to Drought (Year 1 of 8278) 2008 $25,206