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Management of Potassium in Oklahoma soybean production systems

Parent Project: Management of Potassium in Oklahoma soybean production systems
Checkoff Organization:Oklahoma Soybean Board
Categories:Soil fertility
Organization Project Code:
Project Year:2020
Lead Principal Investigator:Brian Arnall (Oklahoma State University)
Co-Principal Investigators:
Josh Lofton (Oklahoma State University)

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Project Summary

With recent increases in price and increasing interest integrating new crops into our cropping systems, Oklahoma has seen a drastic increase in soybean acres. In addition, with higher commodity prices, many producers are pushing yields to levels not previously obtained in many systems. This has resulted in increased nutrient deficiencies in soybean production, one in particular is potassium.

Project Objectives

Locations will be identified throughout the state prior to establishment that have low soil test K. Additional sites will be found that possess high soil test K levels to use as a testing and application check. Trials will be applied that evaluate pre-plant granular applications compared to in-season foliar herbicides and in-season granular fertilizers.

Project Deliverables

Data collected will include vegetation samples, crop yield, grain samples, Data will be processed and analyzed using appropriate SAS programming and extended through multiple extension outlets.

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