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Name:Oklahoma State University

Associated Projects

Project TitleYearAmount
Feral Swine Control to Oklahoma Soybean Producers 2020 $24,838
Use of high oleic acid soybean oil in feedlot rations 2020 $15,660
Improving Management of Double-Crop Production 2019 $20,750
Disease and Yield Responses of Soybeans to Seed Treatments 2018 $19,256
Effects of Herbicide Drift on Soybeans 2018 $29,000
Improving agronomic management of Oklahoma soybeans: Weed management and improved productivity 2018 $15,437
Improving yields for double-crop soybean in Oklahoma production systems 2018 $20,397
Management of Potassium in Oklahoma soybean production systems 2018 $23,450
Weed Management in Oklahoma Soybean 2018 $34,100
Increasing soybean yields with the utilization of starter fertilizers 2015 $11,148
Disease and yield responses of soybeans to seed treatments 2014 $21,081
Oklahoma soybean quality program 2013 $10,000
Evaluating variable soybean seedling rates 2012 $7,083
Improving weed control in Oklahoma soybean production systems with preemergence herbicides, timely post emergence applications, and tank-mixes. 2012 $9,000
Increasing yield of late-planted soybeans 2012 $18,772
Soybean seed and oil quality program 2012 $15,000
Soybean yield response to disease management inputs and soybean cyst nematode survey 2012 $21,070
Development of an NIR calibration model for compositional analysis of soybean cultivars 2011 $10,000
Evaluation of preemergence herbicides for early-season weed control in Oklahoma soybean production systems 2011 $8,750
Screening of potential herbicide-resistant weeds in Oklahoma soybean production 2011 $1,800
Use of specialty fertilizers in soybean production 2011 $4,000
Using glycerol: A byproduct of biodiesel creation from soybean, to increase the energy recovery from anaerobic digesters 2011 $12,970
Comparison of low-input and high-input soybean production systems in Oklahoma 2010 $9,000
Soybean planting date and maturity group select 2010 $15,500
Yield response of soybeans to foliar and seed treatment fungicides: State-wide soybean cyst nematode survey 2010 $20,250
Partners in Research 2009 $39,000
Yield response of soybeans to fungicide programs for control of soybean rust 2009 $9,500