Project Details:

Delta Center Soybean Breeding Program

Parent Project: Delta Center soybean breeding projects
Checkoff Organization:Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council
Categories:Breeding & genetics
Organization Project Code:301-21
Project Year:2021
Lead Principal Investigator:Pengyin Chen (University of Missouri)
Co-Principal Investigators:
Andrew Scaboo (University of Missouri)
Keywords: breeding and genetics, Seed Composition, Soybean Breeding

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Project Summary

To develop high-yielding group IV and V soybeans profitable for Missouri farmers and for licensing to other entities for sale in other states. The goal of this project is to continue developing and releasing high yielding group IV and V, conventional and herbicide tolerant, pest resistant, and stress tolerant soybeans providing Missouri farmers choices of profitable, lower cost alternative varieties for their farm operations. Emphasis will be placed on varieties adapted to southern Missouri and the southern USA.

Project Objectives

The objective of this research is to develop new soybean varieties for the Missouri Delta region and other Mid-South
environments. Specific objectives are breeding for higher yields, quality traits, and disease and nematode resistance. This
soybean breeding program is housed at the University of Missouri Delta Center in Portageville, Missouri. Key areas of
focus include the development of varieties with SCN and Root Knot nematode resistance, frogeye leaf spot resistance and, of course, yield. This is the core funding for Dr. Chen's program.

Project Deliverables

Disease resistant and stress tolerant varieties are the most economical means to reduce yield losses to diseases and other stresses such as flooding and salt.

Progress of Work

Final Project Results

Benefit to Soybean Farmers

Breeding high yielding, broad adaptation, disease resistant, stress tolerant, conventional and herbicide tolerant soybeans will offer growers an array of options to fit their farming operations. Productive, group IV and V herbicide tolerant and conventional soybeans with resistance to major diseases will improve profits for southern Missouri farmers.

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