Development and application of improved high-oleic soybean oil-containing biphasic gel systems as animal fat mimetics in coarse-ground meat and plant-based products
High oleicHuman food
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This is the first year of this project.
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Rodrigo Tarté, Iowa State University
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The goal of the proposed work is to develop and optimize a biphasic gel (BPG) system to structure high-oleic soybean oil (HOSO) to mimic and replace animal fat in meat- and plant-based food products.
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We successfully developed a high oleic soybean oil (HOSO)-containing biphasic gel (BPG) system devoid of animal protein (i.e., gelatin) that can be utilized universally across meat and plant-based food products. The two versions of the BPG system developed consisted of two different ratios of oleogel and hydrogel phase, and performed well in both refrigerated and frozen beef and soy-based burger patties.

Benefit To Soybean Farmers

Results from this study demonstrate the successful application of high oleic soybean oil in a biphasic gel system that can be used to replace animal fat in meat and plant-based food products, which can lead to the opening of new markets for consumption of high oleic soybean oil.

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