Iowa State University


Associated Projects

Year Project Name Funded
2024 Application of innovative intercropping practices to increase soybean production $35,001
2024 Bioengineering of an NLR gene for creating robust SDS resistance in soybean $83,165
2024 Characterization of iron deficiency and Fusarium graminearum interactive responses in soybean $28,000
2024 Corn and soybean residue management for greater yield and environmental performance $16,666
2024 Does the application of agricultural fungicides pose a threat to human health? $34,454
2024 Electrochemical Impedance based 4D Mapping of soybean plant root and growth $79,111
2024 Soil amendment with biofuel industry co-products (biochar and digestate) for improving soybean disease management $42,748
2024 Translating basic research knowledge into soybean resistance to the soybean cyst nematode $78,206
2023 Continuous soybean $29,856
2023 Seed treatment effects on the seed & soil microbiome $64,395
2023 Soybean yield and soil changes under variable climate and soil health management $153,468
2023 Weed seed destructor: A novel harvest weed seed control (HWSC) technology for mitigating herbicide-resistant weed seeds banks in Iowa Soybean $40,000
2022 Crop Protection Network: A Collaborative National Resource to Deliver Soybean Research Results to Farmers $94,000
2022 Effects of Increased Atmospheric CO2 and Abiotic Stress on Soybean Performance in the Enviratron $200,000
2022 Enhancing implementation and adoption of non-chemical tactics for IWM in soybean $100,000
2022 Finding pyrethroid-resistant aphids before it is too late $84,046
2022 Identification of High Yielding Soybean Lines with Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) and Phytophthora Resistance and Molecular Markers linked to Novel Genes Encoding SDS and Phytophthora Resistances $108,000
2022 Investigating the use of nano-encapsulated seed treatments for improved management of soybean sudden death syndrome $57,566
2022 Low-cost Multimodal Sensor Arrays for Early Detection of Soybean Diseases $60,000
2022 Soybean nitrogen fertility for high-yielding soybeans following high-yielding corn $99,731
2022 Under pressure: the role of partial resistance in soybean on pathotype diversity in Phytophthora sojae $37,647
2021 Aphids and midges - something old and something new in Iowa Soybean $30,000
2021 Chaff Lining: A Harvest Weed Seed Control Technology for Mitigating Herbicide Resistance and Grain Contamination in Iowa Soybean $36,000
2021 Integrated agricultural systems to promote soil health and environmental resilience $62,000
2021 Iowa Contributions to Amplifying Extension Impact: Agronomists Collaboratively Delivering Soybean Best Management Practices $10,000
2020 In-field soybean seed pod analysis on harvest stocks using 3D imaging and machine learning $30,000
2020 Mechanisms of defense suppression by cyst nematode effectors $30,000
2020 Time of disease onset as an early indicator of soybean resistance to SDS $100,000
2019 Biology and Management of Soybean Stem Diseases (1920-172-0125-B) $347,543
2019 Evaluating Resistant Soybean Varieties and Seed Treatments to Help Iowa Farmers Maintain High Yields in SCN Infested Fields $165,824
2019 Hyperspectral Imaging of Herbicide Resistant Weeds in Soybeans $60,000
2019 Improving soybean IPM tactics in Iowa $37,798
2019 Stacking Four Plant Genes to Generate Durable and Enhanced SCN and SDS Resistances in Soybean $88,964
2019 Virus-mediated Gene Editing in Soybean $40,000
2018 A current assessment of foliar soybean diseases in Iowa $51,444
2018 Evaluation of the Joint Effect of Arabidopsis PSS30 and Soybean GmDS1 Genes in Providing SCN and SDS Resistance in Soybean (1820-172-0117-C) $119,120
2018 Evaluation of the Phytophthora resistance Rps12 gene for its utility and identification of tightly linked molecular markers for its selection $97,996
2018 Extension and research to combat insecticide resistant soybean aphids $92,699
2018 High yielding soybean trials and real time forecasting and regional scale $80,183
2018 Improving CRISPR gene editing in soybean $82,773
2018 Potential use of cover crops and green manures for localized or widespread management of Fusarium diseases, white mold and iron deficiency chlorosis on soybean $53,759
2018 Sustainable system approach for improving soil health and managing soybean production $54,831
2017 Evaluation of Precision Zone Management in Soybean Fields to Increase Profit and Reduce Product Inputs (1720-172-0114) $99,745
2017 Implementation of the Iowa Pest Resistance Management Plan $25,000
2016 An integrated approach to enhance durability of SCN resistance for long term strategic SCN management $593,260
2016 Developing tools to protect soybean stand from seedling disease caused by Pythium species $63,080
2016 Drainage water quality from maure treated soybean crops: Bio-electrical modification of woodchip bioreactors for enhanced performance $68,577
2016 Establishing monarch breeding habitat as bioreactor groundcover $23,075
2016 Evaluating soybean aphid management with an expanded toolbox $38,670
2016 Improving SCN management through field research on SCN resistant soybean varieties and nematode protectant seed treatments $139,798
2016 In support of the Iowa Soybean Research Center $150,000
2016 Integrated research & education program for use of remote sensing and UAV's for enhanced soybean production $100,000
2016 Non-transgenic soybeans with broad plant disease resistance and high protein $78,661
2016 Using engineering tools to identify and quantify biotic and abiotic stress in soybean for customizable agriculture production $52,058
2015 Breeding for high yield, yield protection and compositional traits in soybean for Iowa farmers $300,000
2015 Breeding of soybean for yield and for introgression of defensive traits $300,000
2015 Climate trends relevant to soybean management practices $77,662
2015 Cropping systems modeling tools to improve soybean management and yields in Iowa $100,000
2015 Development of novel breeding lines for resistance to plant pathogens $204,672
2015 Functional characterization of the SCN effectors $77,850
2015 How Much Do Soybeans Benefit From Honey Bee Pollination (and Vice-Versa)? (Year 1 of 1520-732-7225) $102,943
2015 Interpreting the contribution of cover crops to soil health and crop productivity $75,000
2015 Micronutrients for soybean production: a position paper for the north central region $66,529
2015 Quantification of viral suppression in SCN populations: Nematode virus impact on SCN reproduction and egg viability $55,500
2015 The role of thrips and host ranges in the disease of cycle of soybean vein necrosis virus in Iowa $33,424
2014 Breeding to improve resistance to SDS in soybean as a means to protect yield: Delivering resistant varieties and lines $182,034
2014 Determine the heritability of HPPD resistance in common waterhemp and the potential for hybridization of common waterhemp and Palmer Amaranth $106,815
2014 Developing an integrated management and communication plan for soybean SDS $168,462
2014 Development of the first phosphorus and potassium plant tissue test interpretations for corn and soybean in Iowa $58,039
2014 Drainage water quality from manure treated soybean crops assessment of woodchip bioreactors for edge of field treatment $66,757
2014 Effects of soil conservation practice (cover crop, crop rotations and tillage) on soybean SDS $31,107
2014 Enhancing soybean yield through strategic use of seed treatments for seedling disease and insect pest management $128,738
2014 Evaluation and development of a biological control product to control SDS and white mold $174,193
2014 Further defining foliar fungicides use on soybean $67,990
2014 Humic acid application effects on soybean roots, yield and quality $40,124
2014 Modifying Bradyrhizobium japonicum to enhance nodulation soybean disease resistance $59,611
2014 Role of ethylene on soybean SDS: Potential use for disease management $49,824
2014 The effect of rotations of host resistance genes (Rps) on pathogen avirulence genes (Avr) in the soybean Phytophthora sojae pathosystem $35,620
2014 Virus-induced Gene Silencing (VIGS) to Reveal Signal Networks Against Genes Controlling Resistance to Soybean Stress - Soybean Rust (ASR) and, Sclerotinia White Mold (1420-532-5604) $51,936
2013 Characterization of the mechanism involved in the SDS-SCN interaction to develop soybean lines with resistance to SDS and to SCN $61,971
2013 Development of novel soybean germ plasm for improving soybean for SDS resistance $90,414
2013 Evaluation plant pest interactions to optimize soybean yield $63,948
2013 Generating Resources to Identify Genes that Control the Oil Quality and Protein Content in Soybean (1320-632-6602) $148,850
2013 Generation and use of novel soybean germplasm with enhanced SDS resistance $105,822
2013 Getting to know the players on seedling disease field $39,991
2013 Improving soybean insect management $36,008
2013 Mapping and introgression of RpsN for resistance of Phytophthora root rot into elite soybean lines $117,354
2013 Novel control mechanisms for aphid resistance in soybean $55,493
2012 21st century management of white mold $94,877
2012 An integrated management approach for soybean sudden death syndrome $122,628
2012 Are micronutrient deficiencies limiting soybean yield in Iowa? $58,722
2012 Assessment of glyphosate and other herbicide-resistant weeds in Iowa: A directed educational opportunity $33,000
2012 Building a relationship-driven, resilient applied research program at ISU while addressing several soybean production issues $158,592
2012 Combining Integrated Pest Management with Climate Change, Mitigation, and Adaptation in Soybean-Corn Cropping Systems (Year 1 and 2 of 1161) $263,600
2012 Determine if expression of a synthetic antibody can confer SDS resistance in soybean $27,000
2012 Effect of biochar amendment on soybean root disease potential caused by Fusarium virguliforme and Phytophthora sojae $50,431
2012 Exploring soybean aphid and soybean cyst nematode interactions for improved integrated management in Iowa $109,585
2012 Exploring viruses to control the soybean aphid $50,000
2012 High-Protein Soybeans (Year 1 of 2287) $149,015
2012 High-throughput sequencing of Fusarium viguliforme and soybean genes: A study of pathogenicity, defense and environment factors in soybean sudden death syndrome $117,217
2012 Japanese beetle and brown marmorated stink bug: New threats to soybean yield? $36,945
2012 Managing no-till system for soybean production and its impact on soil productivity $66,791
2012 Research and development of a soybean pest identification software application $28,385
2012 Utilization of VIGS to identify resistance to agents of stress in soybean $220,787
2011 A needs assessment survey and providing IMP-based demonstrations for soybean entomology $26,840
2011 Best management practices to break the soybean yield barrier $69,246
2011 Establishing seed treatment recommendation for Iowa soybean growers $23,207
2011 How does Phytophthora sojae evade detection by Rps genes in soybean $55,216
2011 Identification of quantitative trait loci for partial resistance to Phytophthora sojae in soybean $56,676
2011 Integration of Soybean Analytics with Modern Animal Nutrition (1296) $59,805
2011 Investigating the effect of soil pH on soybean cyst nematode $22,734
2011 RNA-based approaches for protecting against yield loss due to Soybean Diseases $100,968
2011 Study of endophytic nature of Fusarium virguliforme, the causal agent for SDS and their infection to germinating soybean seeds for the development of SDS management measures $39,446
2011 Testing Rag1 and Rag2 alone and together: Is one enough? $44,104
2011 The Use of VIGS Technology to Decrease Yield-Reducing Stress in Soybeans (Year 1 of 1251) $297,632
2010 Assessing nematode control and yield of SCN-resistant soybean varieties in response to different SCN populations (Hg types) $234,772
2010 Development of a field crop weed identification guide $9,987
2010 Development of high-throughput DNA-based gene silencing technology for soybeans $125,000
2010 Development of Maturity I-IV Varieties for the Better Bean Initiative (Year 2 of 9223) $194,100
2010 Entomology extension and research initiative $162,500
2010 Extension and research to facilitate the incorporation of soybean aphid resistant varieties into Iowa crop production $40,091
2010 Identify the mechanism used by Fusarium virguliforme to cause sudden death syndrome in soybean $64,648
2010 NIR Variety Data (0317) $31,000
2010 Screening for genetic resistance against soybean viruses $130,000
2010 Sequencing the Fusarium viguliforme genome $106,270
2010 Soybean development and susceptibility to sudden death syndrome $32,878
2010 Soybean production research: Breaking the yield barrier $150,443
2010 Towards integrated management of bean pod mottle virus and the prediction of the winter survival of the insect vectors: Bean leaf and Japanese beetles $101,219
2010 Toxins and laccases: Potential pathogenic weapons in soybean sudden death syndrome $50,000
2009 Agronomic Limitations of Soybean Yield and Seed Quality in U.S. (Year 2 of 8239) $501,048
2009 Aphid-crop interactions $30,000
2009 Application of Biotechnology to Control of the Soybean Cyst Nematode: SCN Parasitism Genes (Year 3 of 7214) $317,745
2009 Application of New Genetic Resources to the Improved Control of Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) (Year 1 of 9218) $295,870
2009 Aspects of integrated management for viruses and infection Phomopsis in soybean $59,059
2009 Breeding for disease resistance in soybean $196,771
2009 Breeding program for general-use and specialty soybeans in Iowa $193,900
2009 Characterization of the soybean rust infection process in susceptible and resistance soybean interaction $75,654
2009 Concept paper: Improvement of Soybean Protein Content via Storage in Protein Bodies (9280) $66,687
2009 Controlling yield-reducing pathogen stress in soybean; Short- and long-term benefits to stable production $0
2009 Determining the impact of multiple pests on soybean yields and grain composition $102,347
2009 Developing best management practice for soybean aphid control $0
2009 Development of a soybean aphid early-warning system to predict aphid outbreaks and provide aphid man $30,000
2009 Development of High-throughput DNA-based Gene Silencing Technology for Soybeans (Year 2 of 8251) $250,000
2009 Development of Maturity I-IV Varieties for the Better Bean Initiative (Year 1 of 9223) $188,400
2009 Dynamic models for seasonal disease prediction of soybean rust in the U.S. soybean production region $76,418
2009 Exploring new resistance resources for treating Soybean Diseases $200,724
2009 Fusarium species infecting soybean roots: Risks and management tools $117,000
2009 Identifying factors that influence genetic diversity in endemic Phytophthora sojae populations $77,800
2009 Impact of continuous corn production on sudden death syndrome of soybean: Studies to investigate disease management options $55,000
2009 Improving soybean productivity through knowledge on the biology and epidemiology of soilborne fungal pathogens and soybean rust $177,214
2009 Improving soybean profitability in Iowa by reducing the hidden effects of brown stem rot and its interaction with the soybean cyst nematode $70,806
2009 Increasing Iowa soybean profitability by renewing interest in managing the soybean cyst nematode $187,697
2009 Introgression of novel genes conferring resistance to SCN in soybean germ plasm of early maturity grow $159,730
2009 Investigations of interactions between the soybean aphid and soybean cyst nematode $0
2009 Non-host resistance for engineering disease resistance in soybean $30,000
2009 On-farm re-evaluation of soybean response to lime application in Iowa $62,473
2009 Optimizing no-tillage soybean production practices in Iowa $130,615
2009 Optimizing pest management in soybeans $103,021
2009 Quantifying the temporal and spatial spread of bean pod mottle virus and to identify site risk factors to improve BPMV management and soybean yield $42,202
2009 Refining thresholds for soybean aphid management in Iowa $47,940
2009 Relationships between grain yield, potassium removal and recycling, as soil potassium in corn-soybean rotations $49,490
2009 Releasing Binodoxys communis of soybean aphid suppression: Delivering on the promise $33,061
2009 Searching for partial resistance to soybean rust through studies on the timeline of resistance components to Phakopsora pachyrhizi on soybean and alternative hosts $36,077
2009 Soybean seed treatment and inoculant evaluation $13,270
2009 Symptom expression in sudden death syndrome: How does Fusarium virguliforme cause disease? $36,953
2009 Understanding aggressiveness and genetic variability in pathogen populations to improve management of sudden death syndrome $46,294
2009 Understanding high yielding soybeans $60,449