Project Details:

Identification of quantitative trait loci for partial resistance to Phytophthora sojae in soybean

Parent Project: This is the first year of this project.
Checkoff Organization:Iowa Soybean Association
Categories:Soybean diseases
Organization Project Code:
Project Year:2011
Lead Principal Investigator:Alison Robertson (Iowa State University)
Co-Principal Investigators:
Madan Bhattacharyya (Iowa State University)
Silvia Cianzio (Iowa State University)

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Project Summary

The goal of this project is to identify the quantitative trait loci (QTL) responsible for partial resistance to Phytophthora sojae.

Project Objectives

1. Validating the rice method to screen for partial resistance to P. sojae.
2. Identifying molecular markers linked to the QTL for partial resistance against P. sojae.
3. Identifying the soybean populations with high partial resistance to P. sojae that can be used in future breeding programs.

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