Project Details:

An integrated management approach for soybean sudden death syndrome

Parent Project: This is the first year of this project.
Checkoff Organization:Iowa Soybean Association
Categories:Environmental stress, Soil and tillage management, Soybean diseases
Organization Project Code:
Project Year:2012
Lead Principal Investigator:Leonor Leandro (Iowa State University)
Co-Principal Investigators:
Craig Chase (Iowa State University)
Silvia Cianzio (Iowa State University)
Matt Liebman (Iowa State University)
Dean Mueller (Iowa State University)
Alison Robertson (Iowa State University)
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Keywords: Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS)

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Project Summary

The goal of this new project is to reduce soybean yield losses due to sudden death syndrome (SDS) by evaluating the effectiveness and economic viability of several disease management practices, including planting date, seed treatments, tillage and crop rotation, and aiding decision making by growers through dissemination of research results.

Project Objectives

1. Determining the effect of planting date and seed.
2. Determining the effect of tillage and crop rotation on soil compaction, root growth and F. virguliforme soil populations.
3. Investigating innovative options to develop new resistant varieties to SDS.
4. Conducting an economic impact of SDS in Iowa.
5. Increasing grower awareness of the importance and management of SDS.

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