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Getting to know the players on seedling disease field

Parent Project: This is the first year of this project.
Checkoff Organization:Iowa Soybean Association
Categories:Soybean diseases
Organization Project Code:
Project Year:2013
Lead Principal Investigator:Alison Robertson (Iowa State University)
Co-Principal Investigators:
Keywords: Outreach and Education, Pythium, Seed Treatments, Soybean Seedling Diseases

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Project Summary

Seedling diseases are caused by oomycetes, namely Pythium spp. and Phytophthora sojae, and fungi (Fusarium ssp. and Rhizoctonia solani). A part from P. sojae, there is limited information on the biology and epidemiology of many of the pathogens associated with seedling diseases. The goal of this project is to improve our understanding of the biology and epidemiology of Pythium spp. causing seedling disease.

Project Objectives

1. Characterize the biology of Pythium spp. that causes seedling disease.
2. Determine the optimum conditions for infection of and disease development in soybean seedlings by Pythium spp.
3. Assess the sensitivity of Pythium spp. to seed treatment fungicides.
4. Improve farmer and industry knowledge of seedling pathogen biology and epidemiology.

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