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Investigations of interactions between the soybean aphid and soybean cyst nematode

Parent Project: This is the first year of this project.
Checkoff Organization:Iowa Soybean Association
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Project Year:2009
Lead Principal Investigator:Gregory Tylka (Iowa State University)
Co-Principal Investigators:
Matthew O'Neal (Iowa State University)
Terry Niblack (University of Illinois-Carbondale)
Keywords: Soybean Aphid, Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN)

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During the past 25 years, the soybean cyst nematode (SCN) has spread throughout Iowa and is now commonly considered to be the most damaging pest of soybeans. Unmanaged, this nematode pest can reduce soybean yields by 50%. Yield losses total many millions of dollars annually in Iowa. The soybean aphid, Aphis glycines, was first discovered feeding on soybeans in Iowa and other Midwestern states in 2000, and its distribution has spread throughout the state and region in the past 8 years. Soybean aphids have been found in every county in the state and the insect has become a serious yield-reducing pest of soybeans in Iowa. Yields may be decreased by 30% or more if damaging infestations are not managed.

Because both SCN and soybean aphid are widespread in Iowa, knowledge of how the two soybean pests affect each other and interact to affect the soybean crop is needed. It is likely that soybean aphid infestations and resulting yield loss will be intensified by infection of host soybean plants with the SCN. This project is determining how SCN and soybean aphids affect each other's development and reproduction and how they combine to reduce soybean yields. Ultimately, the project will determine whether management recommendations for the soybean aphid and SCN need to be altered based on the interaction of the two pests.

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