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Disease Study Group: Focus on new and emerging soybean diseases

Parent Project: This is the first year of this project.
Checkoff Organization:North Central Soybean Research Program
Categories:Soybean diseases, Communication
Organization Project Code:
Project Year:2014
Lead Principal Investigator:Kiersten Wise (Purdue University)
Co-Principal Investigators:
Daren Mueller (Iowa State University)
Martin Chilvers (Michigan State University)
Albert Tenuta (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture-Food & Rural)
Carl Bradley (University of Kentucky)
Loren Giesler (University of Nebraska)
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Keywords: Soybean Diseases, Soybean Educational Activities, Soybean Vein Necrosis Virus (SNNV)

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Comprehensive project details are posted online for three-years only, and final reports indefinitely. For more information on this project please contact this state soybean organization.

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Final Project Results

Members of the project developed an eight-page color factsheet on SVNV. Over 7,000 copies of the publication were distributed to plant pathologists in the North Central region and Canada for distribution to stakeholders. Plant pathologists in the southern U.S. have requested copies of the publication. Locally, publications were distributed to local soybean boards, and are available electronically. Extension presentation material was developed by the group and was presented to over 7,000 stakeholders in 2013/14. Uniform presentation material will be available to NC Extension plant pathologists in 2015.

Video footage related to SVNV was collected in Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin in 2013 will be edited into one NCSRP-specific video clip that would be available on the Plant Health Initiative website.

Research needs for SVNV were summarized by this group, resulting in several submitted grant proposals developed to further understand the biology and management of SVNV. Discussions continue on how to improve availability of information and branding of outputs so stakeholders identify information with NCSRP.

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