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Name:Purdue University

Associated Projects

Project TitleYearAmount
Adaptive Management for Maximizing Soybean Production Following Cereal Rye Termination 2023 $98,301
SoyRenSeq: a novel approach for disease resistance gene discovery and application for soybean improvement 2023 $500,000
The Coordinated Soybean Centers: Proposal Planning for Addressing Demand for Soybean in Plant-based Proteins 2021 $58,000
Deconstructing Off-Target Movement of Auxin Herbicides 2020 $461,000
Integrating Best Management Practices for Weeds with Multiple Herbicide Resistance in Soybean Production Systems 2020 $640,000
Determining the Distribution of Foliar Diseases and Fungicide Resistance in Indiana to Identify Best Management Options for Improved Disease Control in Soybeans 2019 $48,496
Take Action - Multi State Herbicide Resistant Crops and Weeds Educational Program (1920-172-0126-B) 2019 $314,153
Utilization of Novel Sources of Resistance to Soybean Soil-borne Diseases 2019 $90,000
Investigations of Off-Target Movement of Dicamba (1820-172-0128) 2018 $466,086
Monitoring Herbicide Resistant Weeds and Improving Management of Xtend Soybeans 2018 $88,000
Sulfur Synergies in Soybean Management 2018 $65,816
A Public-Private Partnership to Use Drone-acquired Metrics to Increase Accuracy of Yield Estimation in Multi-environment Yield Trials of Soybeans 2017 $66,423
Evaluation of Second generation PAD4 over-expressing transgenics to soybean aphids and soybean cyst nematode 2017 $29,908
Genetic Dissection of Yield Related Traits for Soybean Breeding 2017 $81,223
Modifying Soluble Carbohydrates in Soybean Seed for Enhanced Nutritional Energy Meal (Year 1 of 1720-152-0101) 2017 $834,982
Soybean Extension Group: Bringing Science to Farmers 2017 $50,200
Tracking Cereal Rye Nitrogen Release through Soil Pools and Cash Crop Uptake 2017 $33,574
Tracking Herbicide resistant weeds and managing Xtend Soybeans 2017 $86,000
Characterization and Management of Herbicide-Resistant Weeds in Indiana 2016 $87,747
Cover Crops for Soil Health and Resilient Agricultural Systems 2016 $38,342
Effects of Drought, Flooding, and Insect Herbivory across Soybean Varities 2016 $16,915
Improving Efficiency of Soybean Breeding with Drone-based Canopy 2016 $55,983
Optimizing Yield and Quality of High-Oleic Soybeans 2016 $54,058
Research to Integrate Best Management Practices for Glyphosate-Resistant Weeds in Soybean (1620-732-7235) 2016 $645,994
Understanding the Impact of Planting Environment and Treatment on Sudden Death Syndrome in Soybeans 2016 $36,377
USB Multistate Herbicide Resistant Crops and Weeds (1620-732-7236) 2016 $330,790
Utilizing Novel Sources of Resistance to Phytophthora Root and Stem Rot of Soybean 2016 $70,700
Application of high throughput gene function discovery to soybean improvement 2015 $11,503
Enhancing soybean genetic diversity for high yield potential and SCN resistance 2015 $84,233
Evaluation of Soybean Transgenics Expressing a Host Defense Regulatory Gene, PHTOALEXIN DEFICIENT4 (PAD4) for Enhancing Resistance to Soybean Aphid 2015 $28,168
Impact of In-Furrow Fungicides on Soil- Borne Diseases of Soybean 2015 $13,914
Improving Weed management by Addressing Faulty Herbicide Application Methods and Herbicide-Resistant Weed Bio Types 2015 $90,000
Increasing Soybean Yield by Enhancing Seed Fill 2015 $69,699
Management effects on High Oleic Soybean 2015 $19,953
Quantifying the impact of fungicides on soybean health and charcoal rot in Indiana 2015 $12,133
Reducing Nutrient Loss from Tile Drained Cropland and using Drainage Water Management 2015 $20,330
Residual effects of managing swine manure in soybean systems 2015 $67,077
Understanding the role of fungicide programs on soybean health and charcoal rot development 2015 $120,444
Understanding the role of fungicide programs on soybean health and charcoal rot development 2015 $120,444
Baseline survey of nutrient management practices in Indiana 2014 $33,530
Disease Study Group: Focus on new and emerging soybean diseases 2014 $74,046
Enhancement of soybean resistance to Phytophthora sojae by gene pyramiding 2014 $70,394
Exploring Soybean Yield Potential through Modification of Plant Architecture (1420-532-5617) 2014 $118,566
High-Impact Public Research for Modified Carbohydrate Composition in U.S. Soybeans (Year 1 of 1420-532-5639) 2014 $558,298
Nutrient Allocations of Soybean Released Over 90 Years (1420-832-8279) 2014 $66,461
Understanding glyphosate resistance in common waterhemp and Palmer amaranth 2014 $30,000
Development of Branded Educational Programs to Manage and Mitigate Herbicide Resistant Weeds (1320-832-8264) 2013 $448,867
Influence of spray water quality on dicamba, glufosinate, glyphosate, 2,4-D and safluefenacil efficacy on Indiana's toughest broadleaf weeds 2013 $31,398
Managing swine manure in soybean production systems 2013 $86,641
Screening and control of glyphosate-resistant weeds in soybean production systems 2013 $30,932
Agronomic evaluations of nine decades of soybean cultivars: Nitrogen Fixation 2012 $45,000
Clarifying the Genetic Architecture of Components of Yield with SoyNAM (Year 1 of 2509) 2012 $145,547
Development of new genetic resources and tools for soybean improvement 2012 $85,243
Evaluating soybean aphid seed treatments, resistance genetics, and effects of biological control 2012 $15,000
Evaluation of Phytophthora sojae populations in Indiana and efficacy of current management practices for control of Phytophthora root rot of soybean 2012 $45,000
Influence of spray water quality on dicamba, 2,3-D, and sharpen efficacy on Indiana's toughest weeds 2012 $50,000
Understanding the sudden death syndrome/soybean cyst nematode interaction in Indiana 2012 $45,000
Identification of factors limiting yields and on-farm verification of BPMs 2011 $81,000
Recovering Genes Masked by “Junk DNA” in the Soybean Genome (Year 1 of 1249) 2011 $79,509
Student soybean contest 2011 $197,000
Survey of availability, application, and economic values of poultry manure for cropland in Indiana 2011 $70,809
Deciphering Soybean Stem Growth Habit toward Molecular Design Breeding of Morphological and Agronomical Traits with High Yielding Potential (Year 1 of 0217) 2010 $78,646
Genetic dissection of uncharacterized Rps genes 2010 $78,127
Improving the Purdue odor-based setback distance model and interactive website: Phase II 2010 $45,000
Monitoring soybean rust in Indiana 2010 $15,000
Optimizing recommendations for foliar-applied chemicals to soybeans 2010 $50,000
Disease resistance gene stacking high throughput marker assisted section 2009 $10,800
Improving soybean variety selection using farmer nominated varieties 2009 $20,000
Indiana soybean cyst nematode survey 2009 $30,000
Manganese management 2009 $53,861
Periodicity of soybean aphid outbreak in Indiana 2009 $39,982
Purdue Soybean Breeding Program 2009 $138,000