Developing of high-yielding and good-quality soybean varieties adapted to South Dakota and innovation of elite germplasm
Sustainable Production
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This is the first year of this project.
Lead Principal Investigator:
Guo-Liang Jiang, South Dakota State University
Co-Principal Investigators:
Catherine Carter, South Dakota State University
Marci Green, South Dakota State University
Robert Hall, South Dakota State University
Lawrence Osborne, South Dakota State University
Kelley Tilmon, South Dakota State University
Yang Yen, South Dakota State University
Keith Hansmeier, Soybean Grower Cooperators
Marc Reiner, Soybean Grower Cooperators
Louis Helser, USDA-ARS - National Center Agricultural Utilization Research
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The goals of this soybean breeding program are to successfully develop and release high yielding, good quality and pest/disease resistant soybean varieties that are adapted to South Dakota, and to create elite germplasm with unique traits and useable in soybean breeding programs in the region. They will predominantly use conventional breeding methodologies and integrate novel techniques. The emphasis will be on developing conventional soybeans in addition to Roundup Ready soybeans.

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#breeding & genetics, #soybean breeding, #soybean breeding - composition
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The United Soybean Research Retention policy will display final reports with the project once completed but working files will be purged after three years. And financial information after seven years. All pertinent information is in the final report or if you want more information, please contact the project lead at your state soybean organization or principal investigator listed on the project.