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Name:South Dakota State University

Associated Projects

Project TitleYearAmount
Site-specific Soybean Cyst Nematodes Detection Using EC Mapping 2024 $44,018
Deployment of a Natural Biofumigant for Cyst Nematode and White Mold Mitigation in Soybean Crops 2023 $38,688
Effect of feeding high oleic soybean oil to finishing pigs on growth performance, carcass characteristics, and meat quality 2023 $53,800
Evaluating Yield Response and the Return on Investment of Biological Seed Treatments 2023 $5,462
If Oil is King, Where is the Meal Going to Go? Re-introducing Soybean Meal to North American Cattle Feeders 2023 $72,416
Use of non-enzymatically browned soybean meal to enhance the early metabolizable protein supply of growing-finishing cattle 2023 $92,576
Increasing Data for Pesticide Applications in Soybean Production 2022 $27,564
Soybean Nitrogen fixation under Nitrogen and Sulfur fertilization 2022 $19,905
From Crude Soybean Oil to Value-added Novel Bio-resins: Non-isocyanate Polyurethane and Aromatic Epoxy Networks 2021 $37,013
National Soybean Fertilization Studies: I. Feed Me: Foliar Fertilizer Value for Soybean; II. Sulfur Fertilization Response in Soybean 2021 $5,500
Enhanced Weather Information for Soybean Growers and Pesticide Applicators 2020 $33,270
Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Their Effect on Soybean Cyst Nematode Infestations 2019 $33,746
Evaluating foliar insecticide efficacies for the soybean aphid and the impact of tillage and cover crops on seed treatment efficacies and insect populations 2019 $97,080
Investigating Alternative Nematicides and Continued Grower Education for Improved Soybean Cyst Nematode Management 2019 $77,576
Utilization of Weather and Climate Information for Weed Management 2019 $25,000
Achieving 100 bushel/acre soybean yields: Developing, testing, and sharing high yield protocols with South Dakota soybean producers 2015 $208,953
Characterization of Fusarium species infecting soybean roots in South Dakota 2015 $82,619
Controlling weeds in soybean 2015 $105,124
Critically evaluating the interpretation of soybean plant tissue analysis in the 21st century 2015 $108,124
Determination of Heterodera glycines types for improved soybean cyst nematode management in South Dakota 2015 $90,002
Efficient and economical molecular diagnostic tools for soybean stresses 2015 $89,426
Evaluating sub-irrigation for managing water and increasing yield in South Dakota 2015 $40,966
Evaluation of planting date and early maturity group soybeans to limit soybean aphid infestations 2015 $26,219
Soybean Investigations: Research on your farm 2015 $10,000
Using denitrification bioreactors and phosphate adsorption media to remove nutrients from agricultural subsurface drainage 2015 $59,010
Critically evaluating the interpretation of soybean plant tissue analysis in the 21st century 2014 $132,876
Effective soybean disease management practices and soybean disease education for South Dakota 2014 $41,860
Saturated buffers to remove nitrate from tile drain water 2014 $15,000
Soybean cyst nematode detection, management recommendations and coincidence with soybean sudden death and brown stem rot variants 2014 $67,827
Soybean disease research and education 2014 $12,000
Controlling challenging weeds in South Dakota soybeans with new herbicides 2013 $10,700
Management of soybean insect and mite pests in South Dakota 2013 $86,937
Molecular Mapping of Soybean Aphid Resistance in Elite Germplasm and Pyramiding of Multiple Resistance Genes in Early Maturing Soybeans (1320-532-5606) 2013 $85,876
Soybean Diseases: Monitoring risk assessment, management and outreach 2013 $211,940
Stability evaluation for soybean genotypes in South Dakota environment 2013 $29,293
Control options for glyphosate resistance and tolerant weeds in Roundup Ready soybeans 2012 $10,500
Economic advantage of post application of nitrogen/sulfur and stage R3 2012 $6,608
Economic advantage to fungicidal products 2012 $6,657
Product development and testing of soy-based food products 2012 $5,000
Stability evaluation for soybean genotype in South Dakota environment 2012 $19,162
Developing of high-yielding and good-quality soybean varieties adapted to South Dakota and innovation of elite germplasm 2011 $90,000
Increase profitability for South Dakota soybean growers and breeders using genes for enhanced tolerance to environmental stress 2011 $150,043
Influence of farming system contribution to best management practices for improving soybean grain yield, soil carbon levels, pest management control and profitability 2011 $25,000
Development, refining and communicating soybean best management practices to South Dakota soybean producers 2010 $140,000
Genetic resource development: Map and isolate new genes for resistance to soybean aphid, and develop cost-effective markers 2010 $177,000
Integration of new soybean genetics and herbicides to manage challenging weed species and diminish selection for glyphosate resistance 2010 $11,800
Soybean Diseases and insect pests: Monitoring, risk assessment, management and outreach 2010 $200,000
Double and intercropping of soybeans 2009 $3,200
Ecology and management of soybean aphid and other insect pests of soybean 2009 $40,000
Effective soybean disease management practices and soybean disease education in South Dakota 2009 $40,000
Identification of unexploited QTL alleles from Glycine soja for soybean breeding: Pyramiding genes enhancing resistance to iron deficiency chlorosis 2009 $40,000
Increasing energy efficiency reducing carbon footprints and maintaining soil sustainability through precision management 2009 $9,980
Intensive soybean production to increase yields and profitability 2009 $20,000
Marker assisted selection for soybean 2009 $30,000
Plant viruses infecting soybeans in South Dakota 2009 $30,000
Soybean cyst nematode testing service 2009 $20,000
Soybean pathology 2009 $30,000
Weed management programs in alternative soybean systems 2009 $9,960