Achieving 100 bushel/acre soybean yields: Developing, testing, and sharing high yield protocols with South Dakota soybean producers
Sustainable Production
Field management Nutrient managementSoil healthTillageYield trials
Parent Project:
This is the first year of this project.
Lead Principal Investigator:
C Gregg Carlson, South Dakota State University
Co-Principal Investigators:
David Clay, South Dakota State University
Sharon Clay, South Dakota State University
Darrell Deneke, South Dakota State University
Nathan Mueller, South Dakota State University
Cheryl Reese, South Dakota State University
Peter Sexton, South Dakota State University
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Brief Project Summary:

The project will create a structure where locally led production and management questions are identified and tested. This project includes six major objectives for increasing soybean yield mainly through management. Objectives include: conducting targeted research to assess soybean seeding rates, planting dates, plant spacing and seed treatments; conducting on-farm testing of variable rate and of varieties of soybean seeding studies; examining corn stalk harvesting impacts on soil potassium levels and soybean yields; studying cover crops to optimize soybean yields; developing high yield soybean plots and formation of an on-farm network; expanding outreach through field tours, Soy100, winter meetings, a website highlighting on-farm network results, and reviewing the iGrow Soybeans.

Key Benefactors:
farmers, agronomists, extension specialists

Information And Results
Final Project Results

The United Soybean Research Retention policy will display final reports with the project once completed but working files will be purged after three years. And financial information after seven years. All pertinent information is in the final report or if you want more information, please contact the project lead at your state soybean organization or principal investigator listed on the project.