Increasing Yields and Profitability for Mid-Atlantic Double-Crop Soybean (1520-832-8273)
Sustainable Production
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This is the first year of this project.
Lead Principal Investigator:
David Holshouser, Virginia Tech
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#double-cropping, #research coordination
Information And Results
Project Deliverables

The main output of this proposal will be a coordinated soybean research effort for the Mid-Atlantic USA. The immediate deliverable will be the development and submission of a 3-year research and extension project to the USB and/or other agencies. A future deliverable, after 3 years of research, will be the development of advances production practices that increase double-crop soybean yield. Other deliverables will include refereed research and Extension publications, and transfer of newly developed information and technologies to the soybean farmer and industry.

Final Project Results

Achieving the objectives:
• Activity is generally moving toward fulfillment of the objectives. This is largely a planning and organizational effort, designed to bring together like-minded researchers to determine the best activities and strategies worthy of pursuit, which would aid double-crop soybean production. That work is progressing with several planning meetings being held and a larger plan for the remainder of 2015 and beyond, is taking shape.

Not achieving the objectives:
• While there is no immediate cause for concern, the search for a graduate student continues, and will soon be in danger of falling behind the original plan. We are confident the PI is personally taking care of the project in the interim.

The United Soybean Research Retention policy will display final reports with the project once completed but working files will be purged after three years. And financial information after seven years. All pertinent information is in the final report or if you want more information, please contact the project lead at your state soybean organization or principal investigator listed on the project.