Virginia Tech


Associated Projects

Year Project Name Funded
2024 Developing and releasing high-yielding soybean varieties/germplasm with climate-resilience and genetic diversity across maturity group 00 to VIII $334,542
2023 Applied Soybean Production Research for Virginia $72,252
2023 Building airborne inoculum surveillance networks for improved management of frogeye leaf spot $26,865
2023 Confirmation and molecular description of disease suppressive bacteria discovered in the Williams L $5,455
2023 Development of Disease Resistant Soybean Germplasm $32,508
2023 Development of Improved Soybean Varieties and Germplasm Adapted to Virginia $70,673
2023 Development of Soybean Varieties and Germplasm with High Protein Digestibility Using both Genome Ed $60,000
2023 Eastern Virginia AREC Soybean Research Support $10,000
2023 Evaluating soybean varieties for isoflavone health bioactive components $5,000
2023 Evaluating the effect of protein hydrolysate biostimulants on the yield of soybean $10,222
2023 Evaluation of alternative soil amendments and foliar fertilizer products for Virginia soybean $22,180
2023 Identification of Perfect DNA Markers to Develop High Protein Soybean Cultivars $28,670
2023 Soybean Weed Management 2023 $27,500
2023 Study in the USA: Mississippi Delta - Production, Culture, and Social Aspects of United States Agri $7,000
2023 Survey of stink bugs and their management in Virginia soybeans $18,193
2023 Trials to evaluate nematode management products in Virginia soybeans and HG-typing soybean fields $20,076
2022 Characterization of Soybean Cyst Nematode and Sudden Death Syndrome Occurrences in Virginia Soybean $18,000
2022 Management of threecornered alfalfa hopper in Virginia soybean $25,000
2021 Boosting the Profitability of Soybean by Bundling High Methionine with High Oleic Acid $69,383
2020 Toward Development of High Protein Soybean Cultivars $14,800
2019 Best management practices for insect pests in Virginia soybean $15,000
2019 Development of Improved Soybean Varieties and Germplasm Adapted to Virginia $42,500
2019 Development of Soybean Varieties and Germplasm with High Protein Digestibility $42,000
2019 Disease Management in Virginia Soybean $10,000
2019 Herbicide and Integrated Soybean Weed Management 2019 $20,359
2019 Improving Seedling Emergence of Value-Added Low Phytate Soybeans $19,000
2019 Learning to Serve the Soybean Industry $7,000
2019 Nematode Management in Virginia Soybean $15,000
2019 Site-Specific Practices for Profitable Virginia Soybean $46,806
2019 Soybean-Based Rotations for Virginia $10,000
2019 Use of Genomics to Develop Disease Resistant Soybeans $21,000
2017 Increasing yields and profitability for mid atlantic double crop soybeans $5,618
2015 Breeding for drought-tolerance in the soybean super organism $49,072
2015 Development of genetically engineered soybean varieties and germplasm with high protein digestibility $36,551
2015 Improved soybean varieties and germplasm adapted to Virginia $39,582
2015 Improvement of drought tolerance in soybeans $19,723
2015 Increasing Yields and Profitability for Mid-Atlantic Double-Crop Soybean (1520-832-8273) $37,475
2015 The role of invasive tree-wooded borders on Brown Marmorated Stink Bug infections in soybeans and residual efficacy of Insecticides $7,925
2015 Validation, optimization, and deployment of weather-based disease advisory model for soybean $22,931
2014 Enhancing soybean research and Extension programs via plot harvest effectiveness-plot combine equipment $154,200
2014 Hiring a new soybean breeder $42,677
2014 Investigating the role of invasive tree-wooded borders on brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) infestations in soybeans and residual efficacy of insecticides $7,088
2014 On-farm investigation and evaluation of soybean production strategies $9,700
2014 Optimization of early-season vegetative growth and seed yield of double-crop soybean systems $45,500
2014 Pre-mixes of fungicides and grower-advisory models for improved profitability of sprays on soybeans $15,900
2014 Soybean research verification program $41,263
2014 Statewide monitoring and management of major soybean insect pests: Corn earworm, brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB), kudzu bug and three-cornered alfalfa hopper $30,000
2013 Groundwork for improving nutritional value of soybeans $46,324
2013 On-farm investigating and evaluation of soybean production strategies $13,697
2013 Weed management studies in Roundup Ready and non-Roundup Ready soybeans $15,000
2012 Evaluation of grower-advisory models for improving the efficiency of foliar fungicides in soybeans $16,125
2012 Intensive Soybean Production: A Management Guide $5,000
2012 Use of genomics to develop disease resistant soybeans $10,000
2011 A New Strategy to Search for Phytophthora Resistance Genes (Year 1 of 1250) $78,183
2011 Breeding soybean varieties adapted to Virginia $35,500
2011 Genetic and Molecular Bases of Low Phytate and Seedling Emergence in Soybean (1234) $115,000
2011 Impact of soil pH on manganese response of glyphosate resistant soybeans $18,000
2011 Intensive soybean production systems $38,799
2011 On-farm investigations and evaluation of soybean production strategies $12,250
2011 Physiology of soybean yield and variety advancement in Virginia cropping systems $13,071
2011 Soil nutrient management and response of soybean to swine lagoon effluent $5,900
2010 Controlling and preventing further spread of Palmer Amaranth $4,800
2010 Crops Judging Program $2,500
2010 Nematode identification and control strategy evaluation in problem fields in Virginia's soybean growing region $6,320
2010 World Soybean Research Conference VIII $3,550
2009 Continued assessment of management options for stink bug, bean leaf beetle, grasshopper and corn ear $10,480
2009 Evaluating soybean production strategies $4,000
2009 Fungicide strategies for control of Asian soybean rust and other common foliar diseases of soybean $12,661
2009 Influence of crop protection combinations with glyphosate in Roundup Ready soybean $15,000
2009 Soybean production research support $3,000
2009 Survey of frogeye leaf spot (FLS) in Virginia, evaluation of resistance of FLS on soybean lines adapted to Virginia $7,000
2009 Survey of nematode populations and prevalence in Virginia soybean fields $8,759
2009 Virginia soybean research and extension program $28,000