Delayed infection of Fusarium virguliforme using fungicide seed treatments, and its impact on sudden death syndrome and soybean yield
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Lead Principal Investigator:
Carl Bradley, University of Kentucky
Co-Principal Investigators:
Jason Bond, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Terry Niblack, University of Illinois-Carbondale
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A preliminary study was conducted at two locations in Illinois, twelve fungicide seed treatments (including an untreated control) with two cultivars, one moderately susceptible to SDS and the other moderately resistant to SDS. Roots were collected four times during the season and will be assayed using quantitative PCR (Q-PCR) to determine the level of infection by Fusarium virguliforme. Additionally, digital images of the roots were analyzed for size and number of secondary roots using WinRhizo software. Fungicide seed treatments significantly increased plant stand at one of the two locations and some seed treatments reduced the amount of Fusarium virguliforme DNA in soybean roots at 32...

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#soybean diseases
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