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Name:University of Illinois-Carbondale
Carbondale, IL

Associated Projects

Project TitleYearAmount
Accelerating soybean yield and composition improvement through genomic selection 2015 $354,328
Improving Pod Count: Quantifying Physiological Determinants of Soybean Pod Number 2015 $60,000
Nitrogen-on-beans initiative 2015 $75,000
Soybean Disease and Insect Pests Managed Research Area (MRA) 2015 $250,000
Trends in Illinois soybean production practices and attitudes 2015 $88,420
Weeds: Herbicide resistance testing in Waterhemp and Palmer amaranth 2015 $24,153
Weeds: Identification and tracking of Palmer amaranth in Illinois 2015 $32,333
Development of a Rapid Test for Measuring Soybean Cyst Nematode Virulence (1420-532-5620) 2014 $121,824
Increasing profits through genetic resistance to SDS 2014 $166,925
Mapping genes referring resistance to white mold 2014 $25,000
Sustaining Fungicide Performance through Fungicide Resistance Outreach Education (1420-732-7232) 2014 $29,800
A novel biofungicide against Asian Soybean Rust and its effectiveness in other yield-reducing fungal Soybean Diseases 2013 $23,400
Breeding and Biotechnology (Managed Research Area) 2013 $300,000
Detection and visualization of the SDS toxin(s) in soybean tissue using infrared imaging 2013 $10,728
Determine the net energy of soybean meal 2013 $50,000
Evaluate the relationship between soybean meal level in the feed and health benefits in disease challenged pigs 2013 $25,000
Evaluation of Heterodera glycines (SCN) and Macrophomina phaseolina interaction in soybean 2013 $36,261
Genetic and Genomic Analysis of Soybean Cyst Nematode Virulence (1320-532-5620) 2013 $144,800
High yield management strategies 2013 $80,000
Illinois soybean meal technical support 2013 $25,000
Illinois Soybean Producer Profitability and Competitiveness Initiative 2013 $50,000
Increasing and protecting yield through the use of targeted genetic resources: Genetic diversity and mapping new genes for resistance to SCN race 5 2013 $37,520
Measurement of digestible amino acids, metabolizable energy and digestible phosphorus in soybean meal 2013 $50,000
Measuring baseline key performance indicators 2013 $850,000
Palmer amaranth: A looming threat for Illinois soybean production 2013 $20,000
Project 3: Increasing and protecting yield through the utilization of exotic genetic resources at UIUC 2013 $0
Six secrets of soybean success 2013 $25,000
Survey for multiple resistance in priority Illinois weeds 2013 $25,000
VIPS: Mining VIPS data for crude protein correlations 2013 $10,000
Weed Management (Managed Research Area) 2013 $1
Winter annual weed management and cover crop strategies 2013 $20,000
Nested association mapping (NAM) of genes controlling soybean yield and other key traits 2012 $42,972
Nested Association Mapping to Identify Yield QTL in Diverse High Yielding Elite Soybean Lines – Continued Evaluation (Year 1 of 2241) 2012 $280,000
Analysis of soil microbial communities associated with soybean yields 2011 $50,000
Antimicrobial activity of the SCN gelatinous matrix and its relation to the activity of natural and applied biological control agents in SCN-infested soil 2011 $35,000
Applications of photonic crystals assays to discover and validate genes involved in seed protein composition or disease resistance 2011 $60,000
Compositional analysis of whole soybean grain by Raman transmission spectroscopy: A pilot study 2011 $155,504
Educational pamphlet for soybean producers on maximizing the performance of soil-residual herbicides 2011 $10,000
Evaluation of soybean cyst nematode: Rhizoctonia solani interactions 2011 $41,374
Evaluation of the effect of SCN on the genetic gain of soybean varieties in Illinois and the US 2011 $34,520
Evaluation of varieties across eras of soybean breeding 2011 $24,116
Fungicide resistance monitoring of the frogeye leaf spot pathogen 2011 $29,974
Genetics of Resistance in PI Accessions with Resistance to Multiple Soybean Aphid Biotypes-Addendum to USB #0243 (1290) 2011 $50,473
Illinois soybean disease monitoring and reporting program 2011 $34,178
Invasive insect survey of Illinois soybean fields 2011 $18,964
Is the ideal soybean seeding rate dependent on weed control strategy? 2011 $27,000
Maximizing the value of soil residual herbicides 2011 $60,000
Multi-site foliar and seed treatment fungicide evaluation program 2011 $54,033
National Soybean Research Laboratory outreach and extension associates 2011 $35,000
Next generation sequencing of the soybean cyst nematode genome: A comparative genomics analysis of virulent and avirulent biotypes 2011 $79,288
Optimizing your weed management investment 2011 $35,000
Prevalence of viruses infecting fungal pathogens of soybean 2011 $21,000
SCN assessments 2011 $76,000
Screening Illinois weed populations for glyphosate-resistant biotypes 2011 $15,000
Sequencing the genome of the soybean aphid 2011 $199,866
Soybean yield response to post emergence glyphosate tank-mixtures 2011 $75,000
Sudden death syndrome (SDS): Obtaining consistency for evaluating field resistance 2011 $24,000
Survey for multiple resistance in waterhemp 2011 $20,000
Targeting phenylpropanoid products to reduce the virulence of SCN and improve the survival of soybean (Glycine max) 2011 $51,776
Validation of Japanese beetle economic thresholds on soybean 2011 $26,528
White mold (Sclerotinia stem rot) management 2011 $29,271
Yield challenge and VIPS 2011 $57,350
Development of a rapid test for glyphosate-resistant waterhemp 2010 $66,914
Impact of Japanese beetle defoliation on soybean yield and survey for natural enemies of Japanese beetle 2010 $16,893
Map the locations of genes from soybean plant introductions that can improve soybean yield and disease resistance 2010 $1
Revealing the blueprint for soybean seed composition using the "next generation" sequencing 2010 $60,000
Tagging Rag1 Virulence in the Soybean Aphid with DNA Markers (Year 1 of 0243) 2010 $59,918
The sudden death syndrome research alliance 2010 $275,698
Application of Biotechnology to Control of the Soybean Cyst Nematode - Genomic Analysis of Soybean Cyst Nematode Virulence (Year 3 of 7252) 2009 $150,800
Compositional Analysis of Whole Soybean Grain by Transmission Raman Spectroscopy: A Pilot Study (Year 1 of 9282) 2009 $155,504
Coordination of Regional Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) Tests (9209) 2009 $58,443
Development of Varieties with Increased Protein Concentration (Year 2 of 8224) 2009 $24,207
Identification and Utilization of Resistance to Soybean Rust (Year 1 of 9235) 2009 $568,752
Inheritance of Resistance, Map Location, and Genetic Relationships of Multiple Sources of Resistance (Year 3 of 7243) 2009 $58,500
Managed Research Area: Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) 2009 $0
Managed Research Area: Soybean Diseases and Insect Pests 2009 $0
Managed Research Area: Soybean Germplasm and Breeding Research Initiative 2009 $485,000
Managing soybeans for high yields 2009 $15,000
MRA-Project #1: Soybean Diseases and pests surveys 2009 $30,000
MRA-Project #10. Fungicide resistance monitoring and overwinter survivability of the frogeye leaf spot pathogen, Cercospora sojina 2009 $29,000
MRA-Project #12: Foliar fungicides: Their control of Illinois foliar diseases, and their effect on soybean yield and green stem disorder 2009 $62,000
MRA-Project #13: Evaluation of fungicide seed treatments on performance of soybean in Illinois, and impact of soybean cyst nematode on the efficacy of seed treatments 2009 $32,000
MRA-Project #14. Herbicides, strobilurin fungicides and implication for Rhizoctonia root rot of soybeans 2009 $30,000
MRA-Project #15: Interaction of anthracnose and charcoal rot on green stem incidence 2009 $20,000
MRA-Project #17: High impact outreach and education 2009 $7,098
MRA-Project #2: Interaction of management tactics for soybean aphid, including host plant resistance 2009 $28,579
MRA-Project #2: Utilize wild perennial Glycine species by wide hybridization technology to integrate agronomically desirable traits into soybean varieties 2009 $0
MRA-Project #3: Combine and integrate new genetic sources of high yield potential, disease resistance, and composition into elite soybean germ plasm 2009 $0
MRA-Project #3: Refining our ability to forecast population of soybean aphids and field releases of Binodoxys communis 2009 $19,158
MRA-Project #4: Generation of recombinant inbred SCN lines for the identification of SCN virulence genes and development of a molecular virulence assay 2009 $17,300
MRA-Project #4: Investigate crop production elements that impact weed management decision 2009 $30,000
MRA-Project #4: Updating and management of the Illinois soybean rust website 2009 $4,000
MRA-Project #5: Effect of Japanese beetle (and potentially other defoliators) on modern soybean production 2009 $42,272
MRA-Project #6: Screening for soybean resistance to SCN with molecular assays 2009 $56,500
MRA-Project #7: Can phenylalanine be used to reduce the virulence of SCN and improve the survival of soybean (Glycine max)? 2009 $51,500
MRA-Project 9: Managed research area administration 2009 $17,300
NSRL Extension Associates 2009 $35,000