Enhancing disease resistance in soybean through the tools of biotechnology
Sustainable Production
Lead Principal Investigator:
Tom Clemente, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Co-Principal Investigators:
Feng Qu, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center
John Finer, The Ohio State University
Andy Michel, The Ohio State University
Tiffany Heng-Moss, University of Nebraska
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This project is exploring avenues implementing host induced gene silencing strategies as a means to combat soybean pests. The research effort involves promoter activities within phloem sieve elements, along with genetic approaches that can block expression of critical genes within the insect as a means to perturb the life cycle of the pest.

Through previous investments made by the North Central Soybean Research Program our team has successfully demonstrated that synthesis of interfering RNAs directed towards the respective replicase genes of the three main soybean viral agents found within the North Central Region of the USA imparts durable resistance, which does not compromise yield...

Unique Keywords:
#breeding & genetics, #soybean aphid - genetic resistance, #soybean biotechnology, #soybean genetic engineering
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