University of Nebraska


Associated Projects

Year Project Name Funded
2022 Increasing Genetic Diversity, Yield, and Protein of US Commercial Soybean Germplasm $706,109
2022 Whole Genome Sequencing of the USDA Soybean Germplasm Collection and Applications for New Gene Discovery $247,574
2020 Whole Genome Sequencing of the USDA Soybean Germplasm Collection and Applications for New Gene Discovery $240,412
2019 Combining producer data and remote sensing to identify management practices that maximize light and seed harvest $45,000
2019 Evaluating the impact of cover crop termination timing on insect pests and weed pressure in soybeans $36,835
2019 Identification of the chemical components of soybean seed and sprout related to anti-inflammatory activity $9,918
2019 Impact of 2,4-D Drift on Non 2,4-D Tolerant Soybeans $62,769
2019 Soybean Gall Midge: Identifying management opportunities for an emerging pest of soybeans $60,000
2019 Using Pathogen Effectors to Improve the Soybean Immune System $86,500
2019 Utilizing unique genetic diversity to combine elevated protein concentration with high yield in new varieties and experimental lines (Year 1 of 3)1920-152-0113) $524,867
2016 Improvement of Soybean Germplasm for Aquaculture Feed $67,640
2016 Precision Agriculture Farm Management Software and Field Hardware Training for Kentucky Soybean, Corn, and Wheat Producers $5,000
2015 A Genome-Wide Association Analysis of 15,000 Soybean Germplasm Accessions to Discover Novel Genes Governing Seed Yield, Protein, & Oil. $20,892
2015 Characterization of root responses to elucidate the iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC) in soybean $88,819
2015 Enhancing soybean germplasm through biotechnology $105,695
2015 Implementing and vetting genomic selection in soybeans $83,469
2015 Nebraska Research Consortium for Water and Energy in Agriculture $75,000
2015 Resource-use efficiency of high-yield soybean $65,000
2015 Soybean Phytophthora root rot disease control by computationally identifying virulence effectors in the causal agent, Phytophthora Sojae $50,600
2015 Using Pseudomonas syringae effectors as tools to identify and/or enhance components of soybean immunity $73,045
2014 Coordinated Wide-area Evaluation of High-yield Soybean Lines with Improved Oil and Meal Composition Traits (1420-632-6621) $77,161
2014 Development of genetic tests to identify phenotypes of soybean cyst nematode in Nebraska $44,200
2014 Effect of soybean plant population on evapotranspiration, transpiration, soil-water, crop coefficients, yield & water-use efficiency under deficit irrigation $55,992
2014 Improving soybean resistance to nematodes $64,900
2014 Iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC) resistant soybean: What are the underlying genes? $15,950
2014 Summarizing soybean management trials in Nebraska $40,848
2013 Characterization, quantification and biological function of Fusarium species in soybean root systems $21,300
2013 Identifying soybean susceptible and resistance factors important for biotic stress and plant health $109,511
2013 Improving cold-tolerance of soybeans through modification of sphingolipid unsaturation $63,345
2013 Optimizing genomic selection for a soybean breeding program $64,149
2013 Reduced agent and area treatments (RAATS) for soybean aphid management $27,509
2013 Soybean stem borers: Distribution, seasonal activity, and sampling methods for improved management $32,660
2012 Benchmarking on-farm soybean water productivity in Nebraska $66,520
2012 Confirmation of QTL for BPMV tolerance and evaluation of the effect of BPMV on soybean yield in tolerant and susceptible soybean lines $38,671
2012 High-protein soybean grow out for NIR calibration $8,000
2012 Identifying soybean susceptible and resistance factors important for biotic stress and plant health $106,382
2012 Strategies to Increase Total Oil Content in Soybean (2511) $42,380
2012 Taurine biosynthesis in an algal-based feedstock system $52,660
2012 Understanding impact of application parameters on droplet size and herbicide efficacy $42,222
2012 Using artificial miRNA to improve soybean resistance to nematodes $60,240
2011 Assessing the virulence phenotypes of soybean cyst nematode in Nebraska $23,643
2011 Food and Agriculture Research Experiences for Teachers – Expanding the Model Beyond Nebraska (Year 1 1265) $25,500
2011 Understanding the mechanism of soybean bacterial blight by computationally allocating functional mimicry of bacterial virulent effectors to soybeans $54,208
2010 Assessing new pest complexes: The potential for winter annual weeds to increase soybean cyst nematode populations in Nebraska $47,220
2010 Enhancing Oil Content of Soybean (Year 3 of 8228) $43,700
2010 Evaluation of diverse soybean germplasm for improvement of protein composition of soybean seeds $41,850
2010 Evaluation of plant growth enhancement products for their effects on soybean yields and quality $37,520
2010 Improving management of soybean cyst nematode through Extension demonstration and outreach $292,000
2010 Improving Nebraska's soybean seed protein and oil content $46,950
2010 Incorporating farm programs and risk management strategies for profitable soybean production $51,650
2010 Nitrogen application to irrigated soybeans at planting and during early reproductive growth $18,700
2010 Quality Traits Regional Test (Year 1 of 0221) $76,796
2010 Soybean breeding and genetics research for Nebraska $203,596
2009 Assaying oil and protein content of soybean varieties and locations entered in statewide variety tests $4,000
2009 Developing an IPM program for stink bug in Nebraska soybeans $20,732
2009 Enhancing Oil Content of Soybean (Year 2 of 8228) $44,700
2009 Enhancing soybean germplasm through biotechnology $73,060
2009 Functional Analysis of Soybean Genes through Transposon Mutagenesis (Year 1 of 9249) $262,268
2009 Influence of irrigation and crop rotation sequence on SCN populations $32,010
2009 Nebraska Research Consortium for Water and Energy in Agriculture $75,000
2009 Profitability-oriented site-specific liming for soybean production $51,260
2009 Quality Traits Regional Test (Year 3 of 7221) $79,931
2009 Soybean surveillance network: Monitoring for soybean rust and insect pests $19,511
2009 User-friendly stimulation model and irrigation scheduling tool for Nebraska soybean producers $45,000
2009 Winter nursery support for soybean breeding and genetic research $66,125