Using artificial miRNA to improve soybean resistance to nematodes
Sustainable Production
Lead Principal Investigator:
Bin Yu, University of Nebraska
Co-Principal Investigators:
Loren Giesler, University of Nebraska
Tom Clemente, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
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The goal of this research is to develop soybean varieties with high resistance to SCN using artificial miRNA technology and to better understand the function of miRNA in soybean's resistance to SCN. The specific aims are to generate SCN resistance varieties using miRNA technology targeting a ribosomal gene that is essential for SCN survival will be made and over-expressed in soybean. The resistance of transgenic line to SCN will be examined.

The researchers will also identify miRNAs regulating soybean resistance to SCN infection. This is a powerful approach for identifying miRNAs from a variety of species. In this project, they will apply this technology to identify soybean miRNAs...

Unique Keywords:
#nematodes, #soybean biotechnology, #soybean cyst nematode - genetic resistance
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