Utilizing Genes from the Soybean Germplasm Collection to Mitigate Drought Stress (1820-172-0118-A)
Sustainable Production
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Parent Project:
This is the first year of this project.
Lead Principal Investigator:
Larry C Purcell, University of Arkansas
Co-Principal Investigators:
Felix Fritschi, University of Missouri
Jeffery Ray, USDA/ARS-Soybean Molecular Genetics Lab
Rusty Smith, USDA/ARS-University of Illinois
Hussein Abdel-Haleem, USDA-ARS
Jason Gillman, USDA-ARS
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Leveraged Funding (Non-Checkoff):
$89,900 - The Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board is providing $65,000 to support a PhD student who is mapping 13C ratio in a bi-parental population that was phenotyped in 2012. The Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board is providing $24,900 for 13C isotope ratio analysis from samples collected from a bi-parental recombinant inbred population that will be phenotyped in three locations (Arkansas, Mississippi, and Missouri) in the 2017 field season.
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#abiotic stress, #drought, #sustainability
Information And Results
Final Project Results

Updated October 19, 2018:

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