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Soybean SDS management: detection, fungicides and resistance

Parent Project: Soybean SDS management: detection, fungicides and resistance
Checkoff Organization:Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee
Categories:Soybean diseases, Breeding & genetics, Nematodes
Organization Project Code:18-06
Project Year:2018
Lead Principal Investigator:Martin Chilvers (Michigan State University)
Co-Principal Investigators:

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Final Project Results

Updated February 12, 2019:
We have identified a second species of SDS causing fungus (Fusarium brasiliense) present in Michigan, this is the first report for the United States. Curiously we have routinely found this F. brasiliense in recent dry bean root rot surveys, perhaps indicating that it has a preference for dry beans. Thankfully when we screened F. brasiliense with the ILeVO seed treatment, it appeared to have similar efficacy as it does against F. virguliforme, though field trials will be necessary to confirm this.
With respect to remote sensing of SDS we have worked with the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the testing of samples for F. virguliforme to assist them in developing a leaf canopy detection of SDS. We have also collected additional UAV (drone) images of our Decatur screening location to build an image library for development of analysis tools.

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