Development of Soybean Varieties and Germplasm with High Protein Digestibility
Animal healthAnimal nutritionNutrient management
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This is the first year of this project.
Lead Principal Investigator:
Bo Zhang, Virginia Tech
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This research intends to develop soybean varieties that produce soybean meals better for livestock feed. Soybeans have several anti-nutritional factors such as trypsin inhibitors, phytic acid, raffinose family of oligosaccharides, and antigenic factors that prevent animals’ protein digestibility. The most economic and reliable way to improve animals’ protein digestibility is to feed them with soybean meals containing low concentration of anti-nutritional factors.

Key Benefactors:
farmers, agronomists, extension agents, soybean breeders, seed companies, livestock farmers, livestock nutritionists

Information And Results
Final Project Results

The United Soybean Research Retention policy will display final reports with the project once completed but working files will be purged after three years. And financial information after seven years. All pertinent information is in the final report or if you want more information, please contact the project lead at your state soybean organization or principal investigator listed on the project.