Raising soybean yield potential in dry seasons: Increasing rooting depth and greater water extraction with deeper depth to the fragipan
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This is the first year of this project.
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John Grove, University of Kentucky
Co-Principal Investigators:
Edwin Ritchey, University of Kentucky
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The primary goal of this research is to raise the soybean yield potential, in dry seasons, on fragipan soils. Fragipan soils make up a significant portion of Kentucky's cropland. The most significant limitation associated with soybean production on fragipan soils are excessive wetness in the spring and increasing probability of crop moisture stress in the summer. Both limitations are due to presence of fragipan and both limitations become more severe as the depth of the fragipan soil become shallower.

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#poultry liter, #soil and tillage management, #soil fertility management, #soil moisture management
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